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Olympic Sports Highlights

An energetic, hopeful Hip-Hop / Trailer style track. This tune is driven by heavy hitting drums, impacts, sweeping transitions, a catchy piano melody in the verse, action style strings in the chorus. This powerful and energetic track is perfect for your media project, advertising, lifestyle and spo...

Massive Action Rock

High energy Rock with massive overdrive electric guitars and powerful drums. Something to add kick and overdrive to your media projects! Also great use for action, extreme sports videos, gym videos, driving scenes, vlogs, tv projects and films. Includes: 1:48, 0:58, 0:30, 0:15 versions.

Sport Rock ( Cashing In )

It’s a cool, motivating rock trailer with a modern beat, catchy guitar riff, bluesy fashion solo and overdriven bass. Suitable for many video projects, for example: sports, training, fashion videos, reviews, tutorial and much more, where you need a real action groove!


A epic, rousing, uplifting orchestral track that conveys a sense of achievement, hope and anticipation. After a calm, reflective start a deep, driving rhythmic percussion section begins, soon joined by soaring strings and victorious horns, all building to an exhilarating, triumphant climax.

Sports technologies

A powerful electronic background that creates an energetic atmosphere and a cheerful mood. In combination with technological, sports, corporate videos, promo, slide shows, commercial projects, etc.

Way to success

Upbeat corporate music with guitars, piano, synthesizer and percussion, creating a positive atmosphere and uplifting mood. In combination with positive presentations, motivational, corporate, promotional videos, inspirational, sports projects, etc.

Sports dynamics

Energetic electronic music that creates a motivational atmosphere and an optimistic mood. Combined with energetic, sports, corporate, motivational, workout videos, commercials, slide shows, commercial projects, etc.

Rock And Drive

This dynamic, rhythmic and expressive track with a recognizable live drive guitar riff is a perfect backdrop for the media and Flash projects, sports videos, corporate video. It also can be used like musical background for websites games and films.

Synthwave (Cyber Space Journey)

Perfect for futuristic videos, documentary films, hi tech projects, science, bitcoin, cryptocurrency, modern fashion, futuristic cinematic, active sports, action videos, IT, TV broadcasting, innovations, promo videos, space, cosmos, digital marketing, innovative technologies, dynamic footage, brandi...

Motivational Uplifting Rock (Promotional)

It is a rock music that is motivational, inspirational, uplifting, cool, exciting, energetic, powerful, dynamic, aggressive, fast, driving, upbeat, exhilarating and positive. Perfect for corporate, promotional videos, documentary movies, teen film, etc.

Feel Cyber Of Overdrive

Energetic and modern music with industrial elements. Suitable for sports videos, advertising projects and other ideas.

Herx (Reprise)

Wistful, intimate and mournful piano and string arrangement. Perfect for projects needing high quality, exciting music such as film, trailers, gaming, TV, advertising, sports and Youtube videos. 156bpm
Yann Keerim
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