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Drops from the Sky (piano version)

The most lively and natural sounds are the sounds of nature. Rain, thunder, wind, they are as much alive as you can hear ! These are: gentle flutes, formidable double basses, and piano passages ! Everything that your heart desires !

Promising Days

Catchy and melodic acoustic folk type track with an optimistic feel featuring warm acoustic guitar, pretty piano, dulcimer and lively upbeat percussion. Evokes feelings of strength, confidence, optimism and happiness. Perfect for vlogs, podcasts, commercials, advertising, corporate video, background...

Morning Routine

A fresh and funky track with urban vibe great for business, trendy media, advertising or marketing background!

Epic Motivation

Epic dramatic piano music with dynamic orchestral build up. Featuring moods of heroism, excitement, inspire and success, this track makes a great fit for business, corporate, or other motivational needs. This item includes 4 versions: Epic Motivation Main (3:26) Epic Motivation Short Version 1 (2:1...

Happy Mushroom Kids Fun

Friendly uplifting children's theme arranged with marimba, strings and woodwinds. The classical regal touch gives this short piece a magical, fairytale vibe and therefor it could well be used in commercials, theme parks, cartoons, animations or any production seeking a happy tone. This piece has...

Summer Dance

"Summer Dance" is a track with modern synth sounds and a catchy melody. Ideal for dance and active projects, video about a party on the beach, travel vlog, any fun party, fun youth video. Gives bright cheerful energy to any project.

Happy Funky Indie Rock

"Happy Funky Indie Rock" is a fun, upbeat and optimistic indie type track with tons of contagious feel good energy. Lively shouts of "heys" and "oohs" add vibrant character to the playful piano and indie guitars. Add to that a super funky bass line and you've got a hit! Evokes feelings of happiness,...

Uplifting Energy

"Uplifting Energy" is a bright, inspiring and optimistic corporate pop track with delayed electric guitar, beautiful piano, playful synth pluck, and upbeat, lively percussion. Evokes feelings of hope, confidence, reassurance and inspiration. Perfect for corporate background, advertising, commercials...

Party Tune

This music is for shaking girls and boys. Good for bright commercials it sounds like hot rock’n’roll.

Monday Funday

"Monday Funday" is a high energy, fun and exciting acoustic pop track with acoustic piano, acoustic guitar, lively percussion and a cool background mellotron melody. Immediately evokes feelings of happiness, joy, optimism, positivity and uplifting inspiration. Perfect for upbeat corporate background...

Happy Children

A light, cheerful, positive melody with the use of ukulele, bells, marimba and acoustic rhythm section. It is a good choice for children, corporate, motivational and other positive videos.

Punk Summer Catchy 90s Theme

Typical modern punk rock track featuring big bright guitars, pounding drums and bass guitar. The track is produced to give you this typical band vibe. Perfect to use in commercials, film, or any media in need of a catchy positive rock or punk hook.

Funny Background

Instrumental music made for ukulele, piano and acoustic instruments. The mood is happy and cheerful and transmits positiveness. This music is made for very positive and fun topics, childhood and joyful and happy situations. Nice background for advertisng, tutorials and other projects with positive a...

Puppet Piano Waltz

Instrumental music made for piano solo. The style is Soundtrack Classical Waltz and the mood is a mix between quiet and sentimental, with a lively and light kind of expressive play. This music is a perfect background for films and tv series, with easy and quiet moods with some point of sentimentalis...

Playground Waltz

Instrumental music made for piano solo. The music is happy inspiring and the genre is a classical waltz from 1800. This music is a perfect background or presentation for happy and funny topics in films, documentaries, tv series and clips, with an elegant and quiet background.

Inspiring Indie Rock

A positive, powerful and uplifting indie rock with male vocals, punchy drums, rock lead guitars, fat bass intro, claps and stomps. Good for sport contents, motivational trailers, intros and workout videos.

Summer Memories

An energetic summer-themed track that's ideal for projects in need of joyful and groovy ukulele, drums, and bass guitar playing, for an excellent summer music track accompaniment. Five versions are available: Full version (1:44) 60-second version (0:59) 30-second version (0:27) 15-second version (...
Yann Keerim
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