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Uplifting Rock

Uplifting Rock is an inspiring light music. You can hear live electric guitars, piano, bells, drums and claps. This music can be beautiful background for storytelling, corporate and travel video and radio projects.

Hope for a New Enterprise

Instrumental corporate music made for acoustic and electric guitars, strings and pianos, ideal for commercials, advertising and promos. Also great for any productions with optimistic, tech & science and positive success topics.

Sports Rock Trailer

Powerful and energetic rock sports track featuring aggressive bass, charging rock drum, epic stomps, claps, and bright lead guitars. This track will give your project an energetic and powerful mood. Perfect for advertising, commercials, travel, extreme sport, GoPro, YouTube, slideshows, sports video...

Fast Man

An instrumental Garage Rock track with Heavy electric guitars and a very energetic mood.

From the Country

An instrumental Country Rock style track with a very positive vibe. Perfect for vlogs and ads.

Wanna Get Rocked

An instrumental Hard Rock track with a very powerful guitar riff.

Heavy Adrenaline

Heavy, Powerful and Monsterous are three words to describe this track that is sure to up your video game to the max. With soaring riffs and hard hitting drums this track is ideal for sports, action, trailers, games and more. Includes 3 versions: 1:37 / 0:24 / 0:14

Action Sports and Adventure Trailer Rock

This track has an energetic, adventurous, exciting and inviting structure with its aggressive electric guitar sound, synthesizer and powerful drum sound. It is suitable for all sports, action, trailers, movies, nature images, all moving and energetic scenes. BPM:134 The versions: Full Version > 02...

Metal Rock Sports

Aggressive and punchy Rock-Metal action sports track, featuring distorted electric guitars with a metal sound, punchy drums, and aggressive electric bass.Perfect to set the action mood to your video and give a full of fuel charge to your project. useful for extreme-sports videos, rock climbing, e-sp...

Sentimental Cinematic (Solo Electric Guitar)

An inspiring, emotional royalty free music theme with warm guitar best for nature, cinematic or timelapse projects.

Sentimental Cinematic (Solo Acoustic Guitar)

An inspiring, emotional royalty free music theme with warm guitar best for nature, cinematic or timelapse projects.

Funny Upbeat Claps

Upbeat/uplifting pop stock music track with hand claps, melodic/rhythmic guitars that lift you up out of your seat! The mood is happy good time, It has the sounds of summer and vibes of party-time, yet it's also right at home for that uplifting corporate video project you have been trying to find th...

Amazing Arpeggios

This song had a beautiful Guitar Intro arpeggio with delay, easy verse and a funky style chorus, soft bridges, and finally end with heavy rock stuff, very cool track with delayed guitars, bass, and rock drums.

Energetic Upbeat Rock

Powerful energetic upbeat rock track. Used Instruments: bass, drums, electric guitar, distortion guitar, organ. Track perfect for video production, background music, YouTube, TV or radio, extreme sports, podcast, film, video game soundtrack, social media marketing, videohive preview, viral marketing...

Everything is Possible

A catchy, energetic royalty free indie pop/rock, with cool guitars, claps, Hey's, lite synths, and lively drums, best for TV ads, vlogs, youth, or promo visuals.
Yann Keerim
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