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Harder than Metal

Instrumental hard rock music composed for electric guitars, bass, drums and percussion, ideal for fitness, crossfit and sport topics in advertising, tv shows and training. Also great for action and motion scenes in films and tv series.


A loud, warm and energetic vintage/modern Metal rock track featuring cool guitars! Driven by a super catchy drum beat and scary Vocals, the track quickly progresses with electric guitars and Lead guitars to reach a sweet and catchy atmo with background tape noises. Full of energy and attitude, and p...

Your Bike

Old-fashioned stoner with hard-fuzz guitar, bass and drums and there nothing superfluous. Just drive, power and raw energy

Twisted Metal Racing

This metal style track is well suited to a dynamic action video about speed, extreme etc. Aggressive atmosphere, powerful drums and FX's is all you need

The Perfect Storm

This is aggressive, energy and powerful rock trailer. Ideal for web videos, advertising, sports, education, travel, trailers, youtube, tv, action movies and commercials.

Sport News

This powerful and cool track is ideal for your commercials, corporate videos, videos for YouTube, sports reports, feature films and documentaries about bikers, rockers, athletes, races, etc

Planet Elimination

Aggressive and powerful metal with brutal guitars and smashing drums for your projects such as: sport clips, extreme video, gaming content, fighting, action related videos, movies or trailers.

Nuclear Blast

Nuclear Attack is extreme metal background music with punchy rock drums, distorted metal guitar, roaring bass and SFX. Blast for your project.


Alternative metal track with hi-gained guitars, FX's and drums. It’s a great choice for racing, box or extreme sport video.

Air Combat

The powerful energetic metal with aggressive vibes for fighting projects, angry movies, or brutal action videos.

Adrenaline Mob

Driving Nu metal track with riffs, tight drums in an aggressive and powerful style.

Super Soldier

Extremly Heavy march with guitars, bass and kicking drums Good for extreme videos and sport, car and boxing videos and other videos

Race Circuit

High energy hard rock track for advertising and cinema. Modern heavy overdriven guitar and synth sound.

Race Against

Race Against is an energetic and powerful hard rock music for action and sports videos. Ideal for: Racing, workout and gym, cars and motorcycles, sports and extreme videos.

We are coming - Stinger (Action, Percussion, Drums, Sport intro)

This is a very powerful percussive song, created with orchestral elements, marching snares, claps and metallic sounds. Perfect for sports intros, action videos, youtube, podcast or advertising.

Cinematic Metal

Cinematic Metal is a powerful end energetic combination of electronic elements, glitch, industrial drums beat and hi gain distortion extreme guitar. Perfect for background for sports trailer, extreme, video games, slideshow, opening and action commercial video, fight or fighting, sports news tv bro...


Modern metal with thick guitars, kicking drums, melodic solo and FX’s. Perfect for extreme-, car- and sport videos.

Sports Action Metal

This heavy and powerful metal track is perfect as background music in sports and action sequences, in commercials, advertisements, promos, fashion shows, podcasts, vlogs, youtube videos and more. It features electric guitars, orchestral percussion, synths and bass.
Yann Keerim
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