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Master of the Riff

An instrumental Heavy Rock track with a very groovy vibe and blues inspired guitars.

Dynamite in the Night

An instrumental fast Heavy Metal track with a Grunge/Punk vibe and an angry mood.

Burning Hard

An energetic riff driven Heavy Metal track. Played by electric guitars, bass and drums.

Monster Car Battle

n instrumental Heavey Metal track with a very strong and groovy riff. Played by electric guitar, bass, drums and cowbell.

Dynamic Metal

An upbeat and heavy metal track that packs a lot of power. It features distorted electric guitars, melodic synths, a distorted bass guitar, and heavy drums. It is excellent for commercials, advertisements, video games, movies, and more.


A powerful, resolute cinematic trailer with huge epic drums, cinematic strings and brass, rock guitar, cinematic choir, some synths and transition effects, best choice for cinema trailers and teasers, movie soundtracks, sport and motivational videos, youtube projects etc.

Empire of sun

A powerful, inspiring cinematic epic rock with ethnic colors, featuring powerful drums, cinematic strings and brass, solo duduk, solo viola, pads, distorted sunth, risers and wind effects. Music of incredible quality creates unique atmospherer for your projects: cinema trailers, soundtracks, teasers...

Conquest of Everest

An inspiring and motivational powerful track with cinematic piano, action strings, epic drums, rock drums and guitars, risers and subdrops, ideal for cinema trailers and teasers, landscape and discovery videos, Gopro projects, movies and film scores


Nu metal vibe track with bass and rhythmic heavy guitars. This track suitable for extreme sports, music for gym, cars racing music, etc. Perfect for youtube and other social media vlogs, movies and games.

Thrash Metal

Powerful Aggressive Metal. Perfect for advertisement and TV commercial, media project and podcast, YouTube, games, sport, cars, motorcycles, racing, computer games, action, wrestle, workout, advertising, business projects, startup, trailers and more!


Energetic and driving punk rock for your video, audio collections and other projects. Enjoyable listening!


Eraser is a dynamic, energetic, powerful and brutal track. When creating a track heavy sounds of electric guitars and bass, live sounds of a powerful drum kit, electronic sounds, as well as cinematic sounds of trailer music were used.

Adrenaline & Aggressive Breakbeat Sports

Adrenaline & Aggressive Breakbeat Sports Adrenaline Sport – Aggressive breakbeat electronica rock track with powerful Electric Guitars, and catchy “crazy” lead melody – perfect for Advertising, Sports, Fitness, Lifestyle, Fashion, TV/Radio, Youtube, Vimeo, private videos and more..

Emotional Empathy

A gentle, tender organic background track, featuring expressive bell piano, beautiful strings, bowed metals and soft drums. Styled for subtle underscore in ads, commercials, corporate media, documentary or any kind of honest, heartfelt scene. Nursing home, hospital, nostalgia, autumn of life, human ...

Scary Nightmare

An evil, ominous royalty free music theme with creepy pads, metallic fx, sudden screams, hybrids and loud hits, great for Halloween projects, horror movies, intros or dark trailers.
Yann Keerim
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