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Alien Technology: Dark Ambient Sci-Fi Soundscape

This is a dark ambient soundscape featuring electronic flourishes that elicit fear and mystery. This clip could help in cartoons, video games, YouTube videos, websites, film projects, radio bits, commercials, tutorials, introductions, explainer videos, advertisements, tech projects, corporate presen...

Dark Cinematic Orchestra

Dramatic and realistic original orchestral piece for ominous and dark scenery or dramatic event occuring. Very useful to create uneasiness and a sense of doom and danger. Great for your film, game or anything else that needs a dark realistic orchestral edge.

Misterious Ambient

Dystopian abstract background music perfect for mystery scenes, tv shows, youtube channels or podcasts.

Dark experiments

A tense minimal experimental background with a creepy atmosphere and an anxious mood. In combination with detective stories, suspense, thriller, disturbing videos, commercial projects, etc

Disturbing events

Disturbing dark electronic music with an atmosphere of suspense and a frightening mood. Combined with horror, suspense, thriller, tense videos, commercial projects, etc

Scheming in the Dark

Ominous ticking, brooding strings and a melancholic piano theme towards the end make up this suspenseful background track. It will work very well in documentaries, serious news items, games or films seeking an investigative and mysterious tone.

Dark Cavernous Drone

A dark and suspenseful cinematic ambient track with disturbing sound design and ethereal drones. Great fit for science fiction, abstract projetcts, horror films, ethereal atmospheres in videos and more.

Still Alive

This is an emotional feel minimal track. It invokes feelings of thoughts after something horrible occurred or a situation where a decision must be made that will change life forever. it uses electric keys, guitar and has a human heartbeat to emphasize the human side of the emotions.

A Darker Tension Bed

This is a dark ominous tension bed consisting of different elements like piano, synth, bass, guitars and strings to raise suspense. The addition of real recorded instruments give this piece a creepy edge. Will work very well in your game, documentary, film or other media seeking a suspenseful musica...

Unsolved mystery

A mysterious ambient composition that creates an atmosphere of expectation and an anxious mood. In combination with documentaries, detective stories, thrillers, suspense videos, slide shows, social and other projects.

The Time has Come

Very expressive and powerful track. High quality sound and effect it completely immerse you in the dark atmosphere.

Return to Life

Track contains several parts. Mysterious and melancholic beginning of the song is replaced epic and heroic continued. This track will perfectly complement any of your project: trailers, video games, film, teaser, a short video.

A Dark Suspenseful Revelation Background

Brooding strings, big suspenseful rhythmic elements and an ominous piano theme paint a dark atmosphere that will work very in the background of your film, documentary or other production.

Mysterious Cinematic

A dark and mysterious music bed, with repetitive ominous strings, organic ethnic flute and choirs and driving industrial percussions, it’s a great track for documentaries, short movies, TV shows and YouTube videos.
Yann Keerim
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