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In Suspense

Suspenseful background track featuring violins, cellos and other tense elements.


Dark brooding horror soundscape featuring piercing strings and an ominous piano motif.


Hard industrial, futuristic electronic music. Inspired by the music from the Cyberpunk 2077 trailer. Fits any kind of video!

Dark And Creeping Background

Dark ominous background track consisting of piano and analog synthesizer sounds. The slow pace evokes a sense of unease and restlessness.

Speed And Tension

Tense and energetic background track evoking a sense of urgency. Brooding analog synthesizers, solo violin, strings and percussion each and all contribute to the organic quality of this suspenseful cue.

Gritty Forlorn Soundscape

Dark and ominous Soundscape featuring a haunting piano melody draped in brooding analog synthesizers.

Doomed Soundscape

Dark and ominous soundscape consisting of brooding analog synthesizers and lost piano motif. The track evokes a sense of darkness and suspense.

Nightmare Lane

A dark, creepy and unnerving track featuring disturbing cellos and violins techniques, ethereal choirs and other dark sfx. Great fit for horror, thriller and scary productions or any project that needs an ominous background music.

Can't Stop Me

This is a happy, feel good indie pop song about feeling on top of the world in a relationship. This song is romantic and portrays a relationship that cant be broken.

Cinematic Emergency (Soundtrack)

It is a cinematic music that is aggressive, exciting, powerful, intense, dynamic and hard. There is a version that uses the Chinese instruments and a version that does not use the Chinese instruments. Perfect for battle movie, emergency, fantasy animation and game. == CHINESE INSTRUMENTS == Di-Zi,...

George The Flying Bat Orchestral Halloween

A whacky manic orchestral piece sonically draped in everything that is Halloween. A spooky theremin melody is carried forth by haunting strings, children's choir, frantic woodwinds and sinister brass outbursts. If you listen closely you can hear George the Bat spreading his wings on Halloween nigh...

Desolate Background Soundscape

Lonely desolate and dark sounding soundscape made up of synth pads, effects and a gloomy piano. Perfect to use in games, documentaries or films. Also works in 'space' themed productions.

Dramatic Background Film Cue Drone

A dark and dramatic background piano theme sitting in an arrangement of strings, pulsating synthesizers and desolate pad sounds. This works best in productions that need a dramatic and mild suspenseful tone. Think in terms of psychological drama, thrillers or investigations. The piano melody also ha...

Running With The Devil

High tension track to be used in film, documentary or any other production in need of a cinematic suspenseful tone.

Scary Horror Theme

A scary horror theme, something you would expect to hear as a film underscore when walking in an abandoned mansion or insane asylum haunted by souls of the damned. Instrumentation includes a spooky lofi piano, cello, music box, wailing guitar, double bass and some bass effects. Includes five versio...

Grim aftermath (Suspense cinematic intro)

A dark composition that creates an atmosphere of suspense and gloomy mood. Combined with documentaries, mystery films, thrillers, suspense videos, slide shows, social projects, and other projects.
Yann Keerim
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