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Terrible secret (Frightening electronic music)

An unusual electronic background with a mysterious frightening atmosphere and an intimidating mood. Combined with mystery, suspense, thriller, horror, commercial projects, etc.

Fear of the unknown (Tension electronic ambient)

A frightening electronic background with a tense atmosphere and a mood of suspense. Combined with horror, suspense, thriller, suspense videos, commercial projects, etc.

Mystery shopper (Strange suspense electronic)

An unusual electronic background with a mysterious atmosphere and a mood of suspense. Combined with mystery, suspense, thriller, horror videos, commercial projects, etc.

Dark Theme

An instrumental orchestral track with an horror vibe, Perfect as soundtrack or as an horror/thriller show opening theme.

Cinematic Dark Rising Suspense

Starts from a low hybrid orchestral drone, slowly unfolding into an epic soundscape. With its gloomy atmosphere, it's perfect for dark passages in cinema, documentaries and trailers.

Tension Of Madness

"Tension Of Madness" is powerful and aggressive cinematic music track with dark atmosphere using dark cellos,spooky piano,distorted gutars, brams, horns, alarm, clock, duduk, powerful drums and risers. Perfectly fit crime shows, crime and action scene, trailer intro, movies, detective investigations...

Mysterious Spooky Trailer

Mystic thriller ambient music. Feeling as if something is about to happen. Disturbing piano melody, pumping bass and lingering atmospheric violins create the mood of a horror movie, intense video game or an advertisement for a mysterious new product.

Creepy Ambient

Dark horror cinematic music track with creepy ambient. You can hear eerie atmosphere with suspense effect, drone synth, sound effects and solo guitar. Best for horror movie trailer, documentaries, Halloween, thriller, audio books and games.

Mystic Pulse

Cinematic abstract music theme with anxious, dangerous atmosphere. Great for detective chasing, thoughtful documentary, horror movies, mystic video games.


Sad depression background music with climax. Emotional strings with cinematic drama mood will be great for war stories, dramedy TV shows, christian videos, melodrama, documentary, melancholic, hopeless, heartbreak videos.

Rock Cinematic Cue

Full of suspence dramatic cinematic rock music cue. Perfect for horror or drama cinema, historic or politic documentary. TV shows, ecological and social problems, and any project where you need gloomy, despairing and lifeless feel, paranormal activity and UFO related content.

Cinematic Horror Tension

Ambient horror music theme. Tension vibes, scary mood, creepy atmosphere – this is all in this music. You can use it in wide range of media – from horror film to documentary series, from amatory scary vlogs on Youtube to gaming streams on Twitch.

Angry Cinematic Rock

Angry and fury cinematic rock track. Best for fight scenes, game trailers, historical documentaries, detectives, scary horrors. You can hear groove hybrid drums, synths, strings and a lot of sound effects.

Detective Thriller Tension

This music is full of suspense and tension. It will be great soundtrack for scary and dramatic trailers, thrillers, horror films, dark and danger scenes, investigation and detective scenes. You can hear pulse bass, percussion and scary sound effects.


This track is full of tension and suspense. It will be great soundtrack for thrillers, scary and dramatic trailers, dark and danger scenes, horror films, suspenseful and emotional drama scenes.

Cinematic Pulse

Abstract cinematic music theme. You can hear bass pulse, a lot of percussion and sound effects, hits, strikes, wooshes and subtle effected strings. Best for tense part of films, documentaries and video games.

Aggressive Haunting Trap

A dark, mystical royalty free trap track with aggressive leads, 808's, trendy beats, glassy hits and vocal bits, ideal for games, urban vlogs or tense movie scenes.
Yann Keerim
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