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Hello! My name is Denis. I am music composer and producer. I produce music for films, trailers, commercial music, music for advertising, video presentations, music for media and multimedia projects.

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Cool Down

This is electronic chill out music with deep atmospheric sound and groovy beat. This track suitable for drone videos, slow motion videos, resort and hotels presentations, spa promo videos, technology and commercial videos or other similar Videos, Radio, Multimedia, Web, Internet, Design, Youtube pr...

Lovely Time

This is beautiful smooth jazz tune in bossa nova style and with modern latin music feeling. This track will be perfect as background for market, trade centre and mall radio, as on hold music for call centre, travel and wedding videos, life stories and slide-shows, as music for cafe, restaurant and m...

Epic Adventure

This is epic cinematic trailer music with orchestra instruments and epic drums. This track will be perfect for movie trailers, documentaries, adventure videos, storytellings and dramatic videos, cinematic views and landscapes.

Funny Person

This is dixie and gypsy jazz music with old school acoustic sound and swinging feelings. Main instruments are acoustic bass, piano, banjo, acoustic guitar, electric guitar and drums. This funny tune can perfectly fit for silent movies, comedies, children videos and other positive Videos, Radio, Mul...

Advanced Level

This is modern electronic track with atmospheric and beautiful sound. Good for futuristic videos, science, cutting-edge technology videos, corporate and business videos or other contemporary Videos, Radio, Multimedia, Web, Internet, Design, Youtube projects. Featured instruments are synth pads, stri...

Filled With Light

This is atmospheric and ambient acoustic folk music with huge space and warm sound. Nice music for cinematic videos, drones videos, romantic and emotional videos. Main instruments are acoustic guitar, electric bass, piano, cinematic drums, pads and strings. Wonderful and unforgettable background for...

Sophisticated Design

This is beautiful modern electronic music with futuristic mood and deep atmospheric sound. Perfect background track for technology, sci-tech and high-tech videos, lounge and resort videos, videos from drones, sunset-sunrise videos or the similar lounge, design, ambient and abstract video-broadcast p...

Great Chance

This is wonderful inspiring and uplifting music with strings, piano and catchy beat. This track create optimistic and positive atmosphere which is perfect for corporate, business, presentation and promo videos. This truly motivating tune will be also perfectly fit any advertising and commercial Vide...

Sparkling Glares

This is sparkling and shining corporate music with light and atmospheric sound. Nice background audio for business videos, presentations, promo and advertising videos, youtube commercials. Soft and transparent track with easy plucked sound and beautiful ambient vibe will be perfect background for an...

Majestic and Grandiose

This is majestic and great orchestral cinematic music with beautiful and inspiring atmosphere. Main instruments are piano, strings, bells, timpani, electric guitar and bass. There are Christmas feelings and moods in this track which allow you to use it in Christmas projects as well. Nice background ...

In Peaceful Ambience

This is calm peaceful and elegant background music with beautiful atmosphere and warm mood. This track can perfectly fit for corporate, business and commercial videos, promo and presentation media projects or other advertising Videos, Radio, Multimedia, Web, Internet, Design, Youtube projects.

This is Triumph

This is glorious and celebratory music with uplifting and festive mood. Nice track for any motivational videos, award and reward videos, inspiring and feel good videos or other similar Videos, Media, Slide-Show, Radio, TV, Internet projects.

Dramatic Shift

This is dramatic and epic cinematic music with modern electronic groove and sound. This track might perfectly fit for cutting edge technology videos, futuristic videos, documentary films, dramatic and profound impact projects or any other radio, TV, commercials, advertising, movies, soundtracks, you...

Out Of Silence

This is beautiful and touching cinematic music with warm atmospheric sound. Nice background audio for any cinematic projects, movies, love stories, travel stories, inspiring moments of life and other similar Videos, Media, Slide-Show, Radio, TV, Internet projects.

Your Life Your Rules

This is catchy energetic and upbeat tune with uplifting feeling and positive atmosphere. Great music for any inspiring and motivational media projects, radio and video commercials, optimistic and feel good stories-travels or any other similar Videos, Media, Slide-Show, Radio, TV, Internet projects.

Be The Inspiration

This is great motivational and inspiring music with upbeat feeling and optimistic mood. Beautiful pop rock music with electric and acoustic guitars, piano, bass, drums, bells, strings and pads. This positive instrumental tune will be awesome background for any corporate and uplifting Videos, Media, ...

Strong Enough

This is catchy and powerful rock music with modern dance bit and strong motivational atmosphere. Main instruments are electric guitar, electric bass, piano, drums, strings and B3 organ. This bright and groovy music will be perfect for any sport videos, travel videos, advertising, commercials and oth...

In Dark Colours

This is calm, peaceful and deep ambient music with dramatic and dark atmosphere. Good background music for any deep and thoughtful Videos, Media, Slide-Show, Radio, TV, Internet projects.

Always Believe

This is powerful uplifting and strong inspirational music in pop rock style with bright motivational atmosphere. This beautiful music will be perfect for any inspiring and optimistic videos, sport achievements, motivational life-stories. Very dynamic and energetic tune with electric guitar, acoustic...

Best Day Of My Life

This is great energetic and inspiring pop rock music with uplifting feeling and bright optimistic atmosphere. This catchy, dynamic and positive tune will be perfect background audio for any inspirational Videos, Media, Slide-Show, Radio, TV, Internet projects.

Chasing The Luck

This is uplifting and happy celebratory music with optimistic mood and catchy sound. Perfect background audio for any inspiring Videos, Media, Slide-Show, Radio, TV, Internet projects.
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