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Hello! My name is Denis. I am music composer and producer. I produce music for films, trailers, commercial music, music for advertising, video presentations, music for media and multimedia projects.

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Trip To Vegas

Composer: MusicTrend
This is catchy, fun and funky retro music with 60s-70s style. This tune can be perfect for casino videos, retro oldies videos, cocktail and bar background music, gambling videos, funny trip and travel videos, retro movies and trailers, vlogs and adventure videos. Main instruments are acoustic bass, ...

Ultimate Invasion

Composer: MusicTrend
This is dark, intense and powerful epic cinematic trailer music with huge tension and action movie atmosphere. This strong and dramatic royalty free track can perfectly fit for epic film trailer, cinematic battle, action and adventure scenes, game trailer, dramatic and futuristic videos.

Timeless Beauty

Composer: MusicTrend
This is beautiful, emotional and warm ambient music with colourful sound and relaxing new age mood. Nice royalty free background music for wedding videos, romantic episodes, sentimental and touching moments, films, trailers, sweet and lovely videos, videos from drones, cinematic and landscape views....

Youth and Energy

Composer: MusicTrend
This is modern pop-dance track with country-folk feeling and optimistic mood. Main instruments are acoustic guitar, piano, synth, strings, synth bass and live drum kick. Beautiful and inspiring royalty free background music can perfectly fit for travel videos, vlogs, youthful and happy videos, inspi...

Anxious Event

Composer: MusicTrend
This is anxious, dramatic and dark epic cinematic music with futuristic alarming atmosphere. This royalty free track can be perfect background for any dramatic videos, sad and tragic events, epic and cinematic movies, trailers, sorrow and anxious moments.

Catch This Feeling

Composer: MusicTrend
This is bright and groovy pop dance music with modern fashionable sound and catchy glamorous mood. This royalty free track will be perfect background for fashion show videos, fashion clothes videos, glamorous and stylish videos, make up videos, youthful and dance videos, as bar music, driving and dy...

Spring Emotions

Composer: MusicTrend
This is sunny and optimistic country folk royalty free music with truly inspiring atmosphere and beautiful acoustic sound. This track can be wonderful background audio for any wedding videos, family and friends videos, inspiring and motivational videos, romantic storytellings and travel videos. Main...

Bring This Happiness

Composer: MusicTrend
This is optimistic acoustic folk royalty free music with happy mood and friendly atmosphere. Splendid background track for travel videos, family and friends videos, positive and inspiring moments of life videos, children and uplifting feel good videos. Main instruments are acoustic guitar, piano, be...

Moment Of Peace

Composer: MusicTrend
This is touching and sincere cinematic royalty free music with lovely and romantic mood. Wonderful background audio for any wedding projects, sentimental and intimate events, love stories, nostalgic and emotional moments, Saint Valentine’s videos. Main instruments are acoustic guitar, piano, elect...

Step To Unknown

Composer: MusicTrend
This is deep futuristic hip-hop track with modern groove and abstract atmospheric sound. Beautiful music for drone videos, cinematic views and landscapes, documentary movies, films, cutting edge technology videos, science videos.

Tender Touch

Composer: MusicTrend
This is gentle and tender cinematic music with sweet emotional atmosphere and lyrical mood. Beautiful background audio for Saint Valentine’s videos, Wedding Videos, Love stories, sentimental and romantic projects. Main instruments are piano, ambient electric guitar, pads, strings, cello and harp.

Sense Of Style

Composer: MusicTrend
This is melodic and groovy trip-hop electronic music with light and a bit dramatic atmosphere. Wonderful background track for technology videos, science videos, corporate and business projects, videos from drones, travel vlogs, advertisement and commercial projects or similar Youtube and Web-Design ...

Rise And Fly

Composer: MusicTrend
This is optimistic and motivational orchestral music with bright atmosphere and inspiring mood. Beautiful background audio for any inspiring and motivational projects, movies, storytellings, celebratory and festive events, travel vlogs and cinematic views.

Business Project

Composer: MusicTrend
This is optimistic and feel good corporate production music with catchy sound, groovy beat and inspiring mood. Good background audio for business videos corporate videos, company presentations, advertisement, commercials, broadcast programmes and TV sets. Main instruments are electric guitar, acoust...

Upon The Hill

Composer: MusicTrend
This is emotional cinematic music with huge space, atmospheric mood and beautiful transparent sound. This track can be perfect background for movies, romantic episodes, love stories, wedding projects, drone videos, travel vlogs, cinematic views such as mountains, hills, birds, landscapes, ocean, pla...

Deep Reflection

Composer: MusicTrend
This is dark, deep, dramatic and serious electronic background music with cold and profound sound. Good track for business, corporate, analytical and documentary videos as well as design videos, futuristic and cutting edge technology videos . Atmospheric and deeply emotional music with synth sounds,...

Sense Of Joyfulness

Composer: MusicTrend
This is beautiful, joyful and optimistic acoustic folk music with positive and inspiring atmosphere. Nice track for family videos, happy stories, inspiring videos, travel vlogs, wedding projects, emotional and motivational storytellings. Main instruments are acoustic guitar, strings, piano, bells, e...

Technological Era

Composer: MusicTrend
This is ambient electronic music with calm and futuristic mood. Main instruments are digital synth, piano, strings, pads and drums. This track will be perfect as background music for technology development videos, documentaries, futuristic videos, science presentation videos, drone videos or other V...

Cool Down

Composer: MusicTrend
This is electronic chill out music with deep atmospheric sound and groovy beat. This track suitable for drone videos, slow motion videos, resort and hotels presentations, spa promo videos, technology and commercial videos or other similar Videos, Radio, Multimedia, Web, Internet, Design, Youtube pr...

Lovely Time

Composer: MusicTrend
This is beautiful smooth jazz tune in bossa nova style and with modern latin music feeling. This track will be perfect as background for market, trade centre and mall radio, as on hold music for call centre, travel and wedding videos, life stories and slide-shows, as music for cafe, restaurant and m...

Epic Adventure

Composer: MusicTrend
This is epic cinematic trailer music with orchestra instruments and epic drums. This track will be perfect for movie trailers, documentaries, adventure videos, storytellings and dramatic videos, cinematic views and landscapes.
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