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Geminal is the product of me sending a very basic structure to pianist and keyboardist Leo Genovese. He then contributed to the melodic content of the song. He also sonically defined the piece with his keyboard sounds, bringing in mind those 70s and early 80s Herbie Hancock albums. Once again, my br...

In Between the Lines

‘In Between the Lines' was practically an improvisation, with the several muted basses adding their little bricks to create the construction of the track. After programming an electronic drum beat, I realized that what was missing was the organic element that Sakir could add with his percussion. T...

General Battle

This is an aggressive, distortion guitar, hybrid traler music. This tune will be fine for media projects with themes of an action movie, trailer or advertising video, extreme sports footage, a powerful and massive video.

Lush Vibes

Lush and elegant ambient music with fancy piano arpeggios, atmospheirc pads and laid-back hip hop drums groove. Positive, serene mood. Elevator atmosphere, perfect for lounge situations, cocktail background, spa, relaxation, cosmetics and beauty industry.

O Christmas Tree

Relaxing and soft jazz version of "O Tannenbaum" a Christmas traditional carol also known as "O Christmas Tree". Slow tempo and light dynamics with jazzy piano, bass and drum brushes for a refined and serene atmosphere perfect for Holiday videos with a positive and hopeful message.

Local Blues Trio

Swing Blues Guitar is a positive and carefree swing track. It features a big band rhythm section – jazzy electric guitar, walking double bass, and jazz drums (snare comping, ride cymbals). Perfect for lounge radio, lounge movie scene, 1950’s film, 1960’s film, bar scene, jazz band, big ban...

Welcome to circus

This composition a fine choice for music of your holiday, parties, children’s holidays or circus representation. Musical track very simple and same, on it without problems it is possible to cut, make longer or more shortly and as to make a loop.

Just Smile and Have Fun

Happy, cheerful, playful and positive track with a simple children's tune. This composition a fine choice for music of your holiday, parties, children’s holidays.

Summer Never Ends

Cheerful, positive and rhythmic background music. This track is created using an acoustic guitar, ukulele, bells, piano, claps, tambourine. This composition a fine choice for music of your holiday, parties, children’s holidays, funny videos, TV shows, YouTube videos, advertisements and many more.


Rhythmic, playful and colorful percussion combined with voice hooks define the mood of this track. Great sound for advertising, TV shows, games, and just fun videos. Let’s create cool videos together!

Dreamy Jazz Ballad

Add a touch of finesse with this dreamy Jazz ballad. flowing piano and soft drums and bass.

Dramatic Inspiring Orchestra

A beautiful, slightly sad composition. Well suited for sentimental scenes, as well as the length of inspiration and inspiration. She wants to say that everything will be fine!
Yann Keerim
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