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Singer/Songwriter & Media Composer/Producer based in Southern California. LA County High School For The Arts Alumni. I'm a blues & Jazz guitarist with 25 years of experience in the music biz. Released 5 albums & an active composer for film/TV with placements on NBC, CBS, Fox Sports, A&E, VH1, MTV, Discovery, Animal Planet, BTN, HGTV, TLC, and in video games such as PS4 VR. My focus is on guitar oriented genres such as Blues, Rock, and Jazz, but have also written POP, EDM, Hiphop, Cinematic, Jazz, World, Classical, Orchestral, Reggae, and lately Singer/Songwriter vocal music. Thanks for checking out my page. please contact me at boinkeee2000@yahoo. com and check out my Youtube channel (Erik Vargas Music). Cheers!

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A Bit Of Euphoria

A retro, positive, and fantasylike chiptune track with happy dreamy vibes. Great for gaming content and kitsch programming. Key of C major

Tiny Tots

An uplifting whimsical childrens song with mallets, whistle, basson, piano, banjo, and percussion. Cute and quirky perfect for family programming or slice of life vlogs

Candy Clouds

A dreamy and relaxing lofi corporate track with ambient textures, dreamy pads and synths, and lofi drums. Great for chill and relaxing content

Worlds Apart 2022

An ethereal acoustic singer songwriter pop track about love and longevity. Dreamy and dramatic with acoustic guitars, piano, ambient textures, cinematic percussion, and orchestral and electronic hybrid elements. Great as soundtrack, theme, or underscore for tv/film and social media

The First Noel

An emotional and dramatic rendition of a christmas classic with chamber strings and piano. Heartfelt and spiritual, a beautiful thematic holiday track ideal for seasonal programming, drama, family, and holiday vlogs.

Early Morning Moments

loopable majestic, optimistic orchestral track with string rnsemble and piano. Suitable for social media content, vlogs, and commercial/ads

Pirate Pub

loopable Spanish Latin Guitar Style Track with a Flamenco Classical Flavor. Caribbean and latin vibes suitable for documentaries, travel vlogs, and history content

Simple Sunday

loopable happy clappy ukelele track with positive vibe. Great for childrens, family, travel and wholesome programming

Puppy Love

loopable happy clappy ukelele track with positive vibe. Great for childrens, family, travel and wholesome programming

Gangsta Swags

loopable Hip hop track with an edgy urban swaggar and attitude. Cool and hypnotic vibe great for ads, TV and Film

Bikers Lounge

Loopable Driving Hard Rock Track with thunderous drums and heavy distorted guitar riffs & organ leads with an aggressive, abraisive vibe. Great for action montages, sports, and lifestyle programming

Jamaican Joyride

Chill happy loopable reggae track with summer vibes. Suitable for social media content, vlogs, and commercial/ads

Hollywood Funk

loopable Funky Groovy track reminiscent of 70s Funkadelic Groups with a catchy synth riff, funk guitar, drums, and groovy bass line. Great as bumpers for reality TV/Film, lifestyle, travel, and vlog content

Fight Society

loopable metal track with rhythmic riff, groove drums, punchy bass, and ambient stabs. Swaggy, angst vibe. Perfect for intense sports, action adventure content, and angst vlogs

Boogie On Down

loopable Electro Pop Track with a fun nightlife and summer vibe. Suitable for social media content, vlogs, and commercial/ads

Lost In Despair

loopable Dark mysterious solo piano track with cinematic tension vibe. Great for sad, mysterious content

Almost Perfect

loopable Sentimental nostalgic acoustic track with acoustic guitars. Great for sentimental and dramatic progrraming, and corporate self help content

Brand New Start

loopable Uplifting country folk acoustic duo track. Inspirational and sentimental. Great for corporate videos, commercials/ads and tv/film dramas

Light From Within

loopable heartwarming sweet acoustic track with acoustic guitars. Suitable for happy, cheerful content and family programs

Backroads Truckin

Loopable motivational bluegrass style acoustic track with duo acoustic guitars. Great for travel, history, reality tv, and vlog content

Blue Skies Forever

loopable positive sweet acoustic track with dual acoustic guitars. Suitable for social media content, vlogs, and commercial/ads
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