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Corporate Mission

Simple corporate track with acoustic guitar, drums, bass, mallets, bells and piano. Perfect for business and corporate tracks, image trailers, sports, advertising, YouTube, Vimeo, videos, games and more.

Shopping Frenzy

Retro flavoured orchestral music magically evokes atmospheres of 1950's and early 1960's commercials and sitcoms. With its hectic pace and swift orchestral rips this piece masterfully embodies all the fatures of what nowadays is known as easy listingening lounge music or muzak. Playful melody perfor...

Warm Life [Acoustic Guitar Peaceful Background Folk]

Soft acoustic guitar track full of inspiration. Instruments: Acoustic guitar, upright bass, soft percussion, clappy claps, strings, bells and mallets. Mood and emotions: love, tenderness, inspiration, dreamy, happy, positive, relaxation. This acoustic guitar music is ready for commercials, ...

Children's Game

An instrumental background track with a children vibe.

Island Meditations Atmosphere

This royalty free background track follows you on your perfect adventure around the world with a tropical vibe! It's a percussion cinematic music piece with exotic sounds of marimba, xylophone and hang drum. This atmospheric music theme is more than perfect for your documentary projects, discovery ...

Gothic Halloween

Mysterious and phantasmagoric baroque track with an epic cinematic ending. Featuring instruments: Pipe organ, bells, mallets, clavichord, strings and synth. Suitable for magic, witchcraft and halloween advertising. Influences: Dani Elfman

Dreams Of Paradise

The feeling of caribbean island, perfect beach, lazy leisure, ocean sounds, smell of pineapple, hearing the marimba and the warm sun in the sky. This royalty free relaxing soundtrack is perfect for any holiday lovers, beach music radio, bright videohive, with carefree ethnic mallets, seaside, summer...

Peaceful Romance

Peaceful romantic acoustic music. Featuring finger picked acoustic guitar, sweet piano melody, mallets and vocals in an optimistic and contemplative background music. Best for friendly and nostalgic moments, sentimental and loving advertising, sweet wedding video, inspirational and inspiring feel an...

Island Of Adventure

This royalty free music track follows you on your perfect adventure around the world with a tropical vibe! It's a magical cinematic background music piece with great sounds of marimba, xylophone, staccato violins, pizzicato cellos and double bass. This unique and atmospheric music theme is more than...
Yann Keerim
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