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Melodic Techno

Techno theme with a beautiful melody. Great background for your video in sport style, lifestyle, driving, blog and more ...

Comedy Series

Comedy Series is a bubbly, humorous music track that creates a light atmosphere of fun and carefree playfulness. It features an upbeat orchestral arrangement with violins, xylophone, tuba, bells and strings. Ideal for comedy series, cartoons, short commercials, advertising, marketing projects, posit...

Happy Day

Happy Day is a cheerful folk track that creates positivity and joyful emotions. It features fun ukulele, chirpy whistles, jingling glockenspiel, bells, piano chords, bass guitar, percussion, shaker, brass, and trombone. Style: Bright ukulele music with a folksy feel. Carefree children music. M...

Kindergarten (Happy Funny Childish)

Kindergarten (Happy Funny Childish) is a positive bubblegum track with a quirky, carefree attitude. It features ukulele rhythm, upbeat drums, fun xylophone melody, happy tuba, optimistic flute, claps and amusing, frisky effects. Style: Party (Children’s), Ukulele, Vlog (Cute, Fun), Education (F...

Carefree Celebration

Carefree Celebration is a bubbly reggae track that puts a smile on your face. It features upbeat electric guitars, choppy rhodes piano, bouncy reggae drums and drum fills, bass guitar, shaker, amusing brass and cheery flute. Style: Music for kids. Fun vlog. Quirky comedy. Mood: Cheerful fun and po...

loony synth

slightly frenzied, fun, eccentric synth sounds-perfect for humorous animation, kids content or quirky content

Silly Sounds

silly, upbeat, zany, weird, bubbly synth/stylophone sounds. Great for cartoon, kids show or lighthearted content

Kids And Lights

The warm and happy upbeat track featuring energising claps, glockenspiels, rhythmics acoustic guitars, inspiring piano, punchy electric bass, and emotional strings. Perfect for commercial videos, family slideshows, radio spots and more.

Let The Kids Play

Happy and whimsical classical track featuring orchestral strings, woodwinds, and light percussion. Ideal for children's films, comedies, adventure games, and more.
Yann Keerim
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