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Sweet Melancholy Guitars

Dreamy melancholy music theme with lead electric guitars. You can hear idm glitch drums and percussion, creamy strings, fluctuating woodwinds and live electric bass.

Epic EDM Club

With its crispy slightly distorted synths, beat and highly melodic vibe this modern epic EDM track is very useful for serious type content. The piece gives a sense of accomplishment for significant technological achievements for example. It can also be used as background music when streaming your fa...

Easy Emotional Dance

Motivational music track with arpeggiated synth melodies backed up with some nice piano and strings. Simple and tight beat with a pleasant bassline. Suitable for cinematic media, modern lifestyle, games or inspirational / motivational content.

Technology Logo

Energetic and concentrated theme with a modern feel. This logo is great for any technology media projects and business presentations, for tv theme currency exchange, infographics intro and sport tv theme.

Deep high-tech music

Deep high tech music with Industrial sound. Perfect background for your video or multimedia projects. Perfect uses could include: music for commercials, music for Industrial videos, music for game videos, music to go over video of cosmic scenes etc.

Sports generation (Workout energetic background)

An energetic training background with a charging atmosphere and a strong mood. Combined with energetic, sports, fashion, training videos, commercial projects, etc.

Transience (Variable minimal background)

Minimal accelerating and decelerating background with a neutral atmosphere and an optimistic mood. Combined with energy, sports, promo and training videos, commercial projects, etc.

Data Transfer ( Driving Synth Drama )

Synthetic textures building layer by layers. Dark bass pulses, warm slightly mysterious synth melodies, and distorted moving plucks. Propulsive, edgy, thriller, and dramatic vibes.
Yann Keerim
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