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Snakes and Vultures [PACK]

High-octane, punk-inspired hard rock w/male vocals. Great for tv and movie action scenes with high-intensity, extreme chaos and adrenaline rushes. Fast tempoed (220 BPM). High energy with a frantic pace. Features full band arrangement with electric guitars, bass, drums and male vocals.

Dawn Of Legends

Epic, intense, modern trailer music for adventure, fantasy and battle themes.

Chopin Minute Waltz in D-flat Major, Op. 64, No. 1

The classic eclectic and fast-paced piano waltz by Frederic Chopin. Positive concert grand piano in a small hall. Waxing and waning tempos and dynamics.

Listz - La campanella

Catchy, dynamic with a bit of magical feeling. Classical piano masterpiece by Franz Liszt (1811-1886).

Dragon Age (Epic Tension)

Powerful and epic high impact cinematic track. Tensive, heroic with big drums, melodic strings and epic brass. Action Adventure Horror Epic Chase Thriller Army Trailer Videogames Fantasy War.

From a Theme of Brahms (Piano solo)

Free rielaboration of a Brahms theme for piano solo. Lively, cheeky, brilliant mood.

Chopin - Polonaise Op 40 - n. 3

Like a glorious & imperial march. Classical piano masterpiece by Chopin (1810-1849).


Uplifting, cinematic, orchestral music for adventure and fantasy themes.

Gypsy Jazz Swing [PACK]

Catchy and Fresh swinging track for your project! It features acoustic manouche guitar, upright bass and drums. Perfect for commercials, ads, youtube, cafe or restaurant background and many more. Enjoy!
Yann Keerim
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