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Sport Rock (Burn It Down)

This track has action rock a very tight sound crazy distortion and cool modern alternative guitar riffs. It’s really powerful and energetic alternative rock. Strong drums, rock crash and frantic overdrive guitar riffs. If you need strong energy alternative for your video project, this track will a...

Polonaise (Frederic Chopin)

A very dramatic, intricate, grand piece by Frederic Chopin performed on solo piano. Perfect for projects needing intense, powerful classical piano music.

Countdown Teaser Trailer

This is aggressive hybrid trailer music. Best for cinematic teaser, action promo, game stream intro. You can hear super fury drums, rising synths and effects.

Super Wakio (Retro 8bit)

A piece that features all the glorious sounds of 8 bit chip tune gaming. You will be transported back to a time when 4MB of RAM was a thing of dreams. It is a fun, energetic track that would work really well with quirky travel sequences, retro themed productions or just as a fun track to be inspired...

Creepy mysterious mystic Halloween

Mystical dark ominous track with a chilling atmosphere and mysterious instruments.

Suspenseful mysterious cinematic horror

I present to you the scary, mysterious cinematic track with a dark mystical atmosphere of terror and pessimistic mood.

Dramatic hopeful hip-hop

I present to you the drama in the genre of hip-hop with a unique atmosphere, a sad mood, but with the sentimental notes of hope. Music combines stringed instruments, bells, piano and unusual percussion. Has a wide application and be used as a loop.

Epic opener suspense cinematic

An epic musical composition with the atmosphere of rising tension, strong string instruments and drums, restless and disturbing mood.

Ambient suspense mystical background

Mystical background with intense guitar, bass, synthesizer and effects, creating a dark atmosphere of suspense and unsettling mood.

Lives for 90 seconds (accelerating background music)

I present to You a custom background track with piano and strings and at an accelerating pace. The perfect time lapse, the atmosphere of deep sound and unusual mood.

Scary halloween horror

Terrible otherworldly track with a dark atmosphere of Halloween and intense mystical mood.

African drums energetic background

I present you energetic percussion music with African drums, strong atmosphere and good mood.

After Big Battle

After Big Battle - A slow atmospheric, sad and dramatic track featuring cinematic piano, strings and synths. BPM - 50 Instrumentation - Synths, Cinematic Piano, Piano, Strings. Versions included: After Big Battle - Full version (1:27) After Big Battle - Short version (0:48)

Energetic sport extreme electronic

Energetic electronic composition with a strong aggressive atmosphere and invigorating mood. Contains synthesized instruments, percussion and effects. Combined with energetic, sports video presentations, advertising and as background music

Electronic energetic sport background

Energetic e-sports background with a powerful energizing atmosphere and unsettling mood.

Scary mystery nightmare background

Powerful experimental cinema music with atmosphere of fear and mystery and disturbing mood.
Yann Keerim
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