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A tense urgent track with a pushing pulse loop and sound design. Carries a sense of confusion misunderstanding and not knowing where to go from here . A processed marimba pattern adds an urgent vibe. Key Words: uptempo confused worry urgent tense

CLT - Anxious

Classic piano - orchestral background themes - Logos in versions. Myterious - anxious tracks, feeling of pursuit. timpany - piano- strings - brass lines Use loops in sequense to create an evolving soundtrack.

The Ringers Part 2 - Anxious

by TMC
Echoing bells in strange and mysterious forms interacting with orchestral string lines and timpany hits Mystifying - dark atmosphere Track the ringers part 2: hunting feeling from chromatic piano lines

Lay It Down

by Rolly
With a Southern Rock feel, this track totally jams. Full compliment of piano, organ, drums and guitars. Definitely a traveling song. Rocking down the highway. Driving fast with power. Trucks and cars.


by Rolly
Great track for a trailer. Ambient introduction turns in to an orchestral driving rock track in the style of Danny Elfman. Big sound. Bombastic.

Achilles (Tension-Percussion)

Insistent and building drum track punctuated with brass. Building tension leads to explosive, dramatic inceptive brass invoking feelings of being hunted down. Perfect for building tension within scenes for a thriller or horror scene. Great for any situation where a feeling of fear needs to be convey...

Blood in the Water (Percussive Tension)

Tense instrumental. Jaws feel to this track. Jarring percussion and strings give a feeling of being alone and hunted.

Bounce (Moombahton)

Heavy drum patterns with reggaeton influenced percussion elements. Fierce lead synths and pitch bent, glitched organs. This track is a low tempo, sub heavy stomper for advertising, commercial & corporate. Grimy basslines, screamers, crazy squeaks and siren-like leads.


by kubed
Dark, suspenseful instrumental track with a spine-chilling mood. Eerie pads mixed with edgy percussion and sfx. Something evil is lurking out there and is coming after you! Suitable for tv & films, crime shows, thriller movies, video games and time-ticking game shows.

Spider Webs

by kubed
Pulsing, droning tension instrumental track, featuring spine-chilling fx, eerie pads, edgy synths and percussion. Tension is building up slowly, leading to a climactic ending. Suitable for crime shows, psychological thrillers, game shows, mystery films, scary movies and documentaries.

All For Nothing (Aggressive Defeat/Loss Theme)

An aggressive, almost evil, Deafeat/Loss theme, suitable for video games and movies. Perfect for when the bad guys are losing and are looking for revenge.

Fallen Glory (Dramatic Defeat/Loss Theme)

A very dramatic and sad Defeat/Loss theme, suitable for video games and movies. The track brings a sense of surrender and death.

Tension Rising (Electronic Suspense Loop)

Dark, suspenseful driven track which is perfect for a video game. From the start it has a dark and futuristic sound to it, complete with guitars and a distortion pad. At 0:26 an ambient and mysterious piano sets in and is soon followed by a snare drum and an underlying chords change. At 1:04 a brigh...

Investigating The Scene (Dark Suspicious Underscore)

A dark, suspicious and suspenseful underscore for a chilling movie, TV or game scene. It has a CSI-like feel to it, for when characters are processing a crime scene, or working in a lab. This piece was inspired by those scenes from the TV show :) The track has a slow and minimalistic buildup to ...

Unstoppable (Epic Cinematic Trailer Music)

Epic orchestral action track. Absolutely perfect for a movie or game trailer! Starting with staccato strings and a pulsing bass to create a very tenseful mood, soon epic percussion hits kick in to build up the tension even further. At 0:49 drums accompany the strings and an epic trumpet melody st...

Time to Rock 'n Roll (Epic Cinematic Trailer Music)

Epic orchestral action track. Perfect for a movie or game trailer! Starting with a pulsing synth bass, staccato strings are added to set a tenseful mood. Soon guitars kick in, together with brass to build up the explosive and epic middle part of the track at 0:37, building from drums together wit...

Sad Love Story

An music of love, love that is stronger than anything. This song gives a sign that this love will be eternal until the end of life, love can not be separated from life. This instrumental track can be used as a soundtrack or background music in films, photo slideshow, memorial video and more.
Yann Keerim