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A tense urgent track with a pushing pulse loop and sound design. Carries a sense of confusion misunderstanding and not knowing where to go from here . A processed marimba pattern adds an urgent vibe. Key Words: uptempo confused worry urgent tense

CLT - Anxious

Classic piano - orchestral background themes - Logos in versions. Myterious - anxious tracks, feeling of pursuit. timpany - piano- strings - brass lines Use loops in sequense to create an evolving soundtrack.

The Ringers Part 2 - Anxious

by TMC
Echoing bells in strange and mysterious forms interacting with orchestral string lines and timpany hits Mystifying - dark atmosphere Track the ringers part 2: hunting feeling from chromatic piano lines

All For Nothing (Aggressive Defeat/Loss Theme)

An aggressive, almost evil, Deafeat/Loss theme, suitable for video games and movies. Perfect for when the bad guys are losing and are looking for revenge.

Fallen Glory (Dramatic Defeat/Loss Theme)

A very dramatic and sad Defeat/Loss theme, suitable for video games and movies. The track brings a sense of surrender and death.

Tension Rising (Electronic Suspense Loop)

Dark, suspenseful driven track which is perfect for a video game. From the start it has a dark and futuristic sound to it, complete with guitars and a distortion pad. At 0:26 an ambient and mysterious piano sets in and is soon followed by a snare drum and an underlying chords change. At 1:04 a brigh...

Investigating The Scene (Dark Suspicious Underscore)

A dark, suspicious and suspenseful underscore for a chilling movie, TV or game scene. It has a CSI-like feel to it, for when characters are processing a crime scene, or working in a lab. This piece was inspired by those scenes from the TV show :) The track has a slow and minimalistic buildup to ...

Unstoppable (Epic Cinematic Trailer Music)

Epic orchestral piece. Absolutely perfect for a movie or game trailer. Starting with ostinato strings and a pulsing bass to create a very tenseful mood, soon epic percussion hits kick in to build up the tension even further. At 0:49 drums accompany the strings and an epic melody starts playing at...

Time to Rock 'n Roll (Epic Cinematic Trailer Music)

Epic orchestral piece. Absolutely perfect for a movie or game trailer. Starting with a pulsing synth bass, low stac. strings are added to set a tenseful mood. Soon, guitars kick in, together with brass crescendo to build up the tension. At 0:37 hell breaks loose and the epic part sets in, buildin...

Sad Love Story

An music of love, love that is stronger than anything. This song gives a sign that this love will be eternal until the end of life, love can not be separated from life. This instrumental track can be used as a soundtrack or background music in films, photo slideshow, memorial video and more.

Thriller Chasing

Dramatic loop performed by orchestral strings and percussion.

Smoke And Chains

by kubed
Dramatic and suspenseful hip hop track with edgy, modern production values. Minimal instrumentation with 808 trap beats, sub bass, eerie sidechained pads and cool synths. Dark and anticipating mood that would work great for reality tv, scary movies, horror films and time-ticking scenes.

Break The Code

by kubed
A hip-hop instrumental that features 808 trap drums, deep sub-bass and modern, edgy synths and pads. Tension is building slowly with the help of sound effects and well placed cymbals and percussion. Anticipatory and suspenseful mood that would work great for reality tv, horror films and thrillers.

Sad trailer

by xero
Dramatic and emotional soundtrack for sad, touching scenes featuring touchable vocal and warm piano. Perfect for usage in combination with romantic or sad movie scenes, trailers or war scenes.

Welcome to the Dark Forest

Imagine walking into a mysterious, dark forest not knowing what awaits you. Then after a few steps you realize that danger is everywhere around you, approaching fast. You can see the shadows coming in. Be careful, otherwise you might not leave this forest alive. Great for games, tv shows and film...

Spy vs Spy

Comic and adventure music theme, will suit as a background music for crime comedies, weird and awkward scripts, tiptoe villains, childish or mad adults, cartoons, and more. Features accordion, pizzicato strings, viola, harp, trumpet mute wah, organ, trombon, bassoon, mute guitar, pizzicato bass, g...

Suspenseful Beat

A rhythmic cinematic piece that sets the mood for a dramatic, suspenseful and emotional projection. A sense of suspense will embrace your movie, bringing a dangerous and criminal atmosphere. Powerful and dirty beat with orchestra, distorted guitar, scratch, fx, organ and synths. Perfect for any Fil...
Yann Keerim