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Red Handed

Dual solo guitars with a determined spy action type espionage vibe. Percussion is added in the middle of the tune. Great for TV/Film with crime or investigative theme

Indie Pop Corporate

Motivational inspiring indie pop corporate track with delayed guitars, indie drums, synth plucks, ambient textures, and driving bass. Positive, hopeful vibe with anthemic motif. Good for corporate ads, documentaries, travel and history programming, and social media content

Cop show, suspense, action

Cop show, suspense, action, electronic, dramatic theme, danger, news, promo, investigative, tension, bold drums, ambient, suspenseful, moody, brooding, contemporary time keeper, thriller or law score.

Status: Anxiety

“soundtrack for movies in my head” started as a personal trip inwards to subconsciously confront my own vicious weekly cycles during 2020 and the whole feeling of “end of the world” COVID brought with it. It is meant as an audio-visual album - a fictional short movie synced to music - with e...

Crime Novel // Film Noir Polar

Crime Novel is a dark and mysterious tune. It's a classic film noir score. Featuring piano, strings, horns, brass, percussion hits.


Investigation is a background track for documentaries, movies and TV series. Informative videos, journalism, news summaries, text reports on social networks, police series, etc.


Extreme dynamic and energetic electronic music perfectly fits for pursuit movie scenes, hacking scenes, police chase, sport or any other kind of Extreme shows or videos, TV commercials, intense extreme videos, fighting or adrenaline videos. Works great with most of youtube extreme videos, car drifti...


Driving, ambient hip hop underscore music with intense final featuring original vocals for all kind of themes like police chasing, hostage, shooting, crime and thriller.

Sleepless City

Deep emotional underground hip hop music with original rap vocals for social themes like living in streets, gangs and struggling with police.

Documentary Intrigue Orchestral

Here is an intriguing staccato progression, followed by a piano theme backed by brass. ideal for police documentaries, investigations.

Dark And Creeping Background

Dark ominous background track consisting of piano and analog synthesizer sounds. The slow pace evokes a sense of unease and restlessness.


“Trouble” is an aggressive Hip-Hop/Rock track with pumping drums and hard electric guitar chords.

Threatening Instability Background

Ominous and suspenseful background track consisting of strings, synthesizers and sound design elements. Evoking a dark and threatening atmosphere to complement your production.

Fashion Police

groovy, electronic track that would work well with a city street vibe

Tension Bed 1

Epic tension track consisting of percussion, strings and other elements to create an intense brooding feeling. Perfect to use in your game, game show, app or other media production that needs suspense music.

A Dark Secret Suspenseful Background

An ominous brooding background track consisting of piano, strings and synthesizers. The slow creeping developing music leaves space for narration or other elements and is therefore perfectly suitable to use in your film, documentary or other production.
Yann Keerim
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