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An extraordinary rhythmical track. All kinds of weapon percussion sounds create a explosion and powerful effect. The tempo is given by the shoe stamps; then beats and claps gradually complete the big picture. It will be great in an expressive video about shooting clubs, a shooting range or military ...

The Crow

''The Crow'' is a suspenseful gangster hip-hop track that sets the mood for a dramatic, suspenseful, and emotional projection. Included powerful and dirty beat with orchestra, guitar, scratches, organ, and synths. Background music for videos, action films, trailers, gangsta rap themes, video games, ...

Cinematic Funk Groove

Groovy beat with a vintage flavor. Strutting bass and guitar, horns, old school funky rhythms for this 70's flavoured track seemingly emerging straight from a chase scene of a crime drama or vintage polic TV show.


This is an energetic,powerful epic rock track using fast over driven strings, electric guitars with bass and punchy drums.

Phi Pob's Caling Uriel

Don't listen alone at night !!! - - - This is a very unusual, scary instrumental horror track. I got this idea during testing new sounds. The found an article about a ghost in Thailand "Phi Pop". Then I thought, why now creating a story about a Ghost (Phi Pob) calling the archangel Uriel. - There is...

The Groovy Funk Beat

'The Groovy Funk Beat' is a fast, cool, groovy upbeat funk song! Featuring; Electric guitars, brass section, bass guitar, percussion, shakers and drums. Use for TV or radio adverts, corporate videos, commercials, motivational videos, fun videos, cool and suave videos, heist films, spy films, car ch...

Politics Of Anger

This is energetic,powerful and aggressive hard rock track could fit almost every action and energetic scene, using hard guitar riffs with powerful drums and bass.

Deadly Sins

Atmospheric, dark trailer music with piano, strings, super low basses, reversed fx and massive extraordinary sound design. Perfect for horror, crime and thriller trailer, opener, intro and teaser.

Cavern Of Dissonance

Dark atmospheric percussive sound design with strings and woodwinds. Perfectly fit for thriller and crime scenes or as a intro and opener. Also usable for investigation and horror. Slow build up with tension.

A Strangers Tale

Dramatic bass pulsing with sound design fx, slow build up with tension. Great for intro, opener and trailer in crime, thriller and horror movies.


Dramatic, driving percussion music with electronic drum beat and reversed sound design fx. Great for investigation, thriller and crime scenes.

Dark Streets

Dark pop hip hop mix with a great sense of danger and foreboding. Imminent confrontation, conflict, preparing for a battle. Perfect for action films, dramatic scenes with urban themes, espionage, action thriller.
Yann Keerim
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