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New Horizons // Inspiring Travel Hopeful Journey Background Chill Music

New Horizons is an inspiring and vibrant background music that create a pleasant chill mood. Perfect for travels, vlog, lifestyle, technology, manufacturing, invention, documentaries, corporate projects, science footage, Youtube videos, presentations, workshop video tour, tutorial or streaming backg...

Keep Dreaming // LoFi Hip-Hop Background Chill Ambient

Keep Dreaming is a smooth and mellow lofi hip-hop ambient tune with groovy and jazzy vibes. Perfect for vlog with chill atmosphere, background music, YouTube videos, travels, fashion, business, presentation, wellness, healthy lifestyle, tutorial or streaming background music, science... Features ele...

High Voltage // Energetic Power Rock Music

High Voltage is a powerful and energetic rock track. It is perfect for your trailer, advertising, lifestyle and sports videos, presentations, introductions, YouTube videos, racing, football, extreme sports and more! Highlight your media project with a great combination of rock metal guitar riffs, ac...

Subcutaneous // Suspense and Tension Drama Black-Ops Trailer

Subcutaneous is inspired by the action & drama TV show "Treadstone". Suspense and tension before moving into a rock action groove at 0'27. It ends on a perfect snap to maintain the suspense and make you want to know more. Perfect for trailers, TV / film dramas involving spies, terrorists and underc...

Rockbuster // Cinematic Rock Trailer Action Blockbuster Guitar

Rockbuster is a cinematic rock trailer music, perfect for blockbusters, action scenes, trailers, countdowns, videos games, TV spots, openers. Featuring electric guitars, powerful drums and hits, electric bass, horns, sound design, filter effects, risers and downers.

Last Vegas Eleven // Casino Slot Machine Funky Retro Rock

Inspired by the movie Ocean's eleven, Last Vegas Eleven is a groovy retro rock music which instantly immerses us in the world of casinos. Featuring drums, bass, guitars, horns, sound effects, slot machine sounds, money sounds. Perfect for trailer, casino adds, slot machine games, background music ...

Flash In The Pan // Dark Horror Stranger Things Style

Dark and daunting track inspired by the TV show Stranger Things. Featuring synthesizers, percussions hits, sound fx and clock sound effect. Perfect for trailers, dark or horror movies, scary scenes, videos games...

Bravest Honor // American Military Army Cinematic Trailer Opening 4Th July

Bravest Honor is a patriotic emotional orchestral track with heroic dramatic and motivational mood. Perfect for military army videos, Independence Day, 4Th of July celebration in America, historical documentary film, cinematic production, trailer, opener... Featuring strings, brass, hits, percussio...

Crime Novel // Film Noir Polar

Crime Novel is a dark and mysterious tune. It's a classic film noir score. Featuring piano, strings, horns, brass, percussion hits.

High-Speed Chase // Aggressive Hybrid Powerful Dubstep Trailer

High-Speed Chase is a high impact trailer intro / opener. A massive blockbuster sound for trailers, films, advertising, promos, teasers, and video games. Main instruments used: strings, impacts, risers, whooshes, sub drops, glitches.

Space Rocket // Action Cinematic Dramatic Rock Trailer Intro

Space Rocket is an atmospheric and powerful royalty free rock trailer music with catchy guitars, action hits, epic percussions and underwater effect. Perfect for tv trailers, game trailers, presentations, openers and more!

Fuzzy March // Action Sport Rock Trailer Music Intro

Fuzzy March is a powerful and energetic track. It is perfect for your trailer, advertising, lifestyle and sports videos, presentations, YouTube videos, Instagram Stories and more! Highlight your media project with a great combination of powerful electric guitar riffs, action hits, epic percussions ...

ThunderRock // Classic Solid Rock Music

ThunderRock is a powerful and energetic rock track. Inspired by 80s rock bands, it is perfect to highlight your project with a great combination of hard rock guitar riffs, powerful drums, inspired hammond organ, rock bass and epic percussions. Drums, bass, guitars and organ are real instruments pe...
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