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Emotional piano and world female voice, travel, wide open spaces, nature, forest.

Huangshan Mountain

The beauty of the huangshan mountain whose peaks pierce the sea of clouds. Chinese orchestral music.


Energetic indie rock for commercials and promo video.

Alpha Man

A slow but strong character southern rock music with cool guitar riffs, solos, claps and stomping drums, ideal for commercials, promos, action themes or movies

80's Power Trailer

The "80's Power Trailer" is a powerful and futuristic trailer, in which retro 80's and modern elements are combined. This is a great trailer for 80s inspired movies "TRON" genre, games, websites for cyberspace or virtual reality scenes. Vibe of this track - determined, loud, epic, grand, futuristic.

Electronic (Cloudy Skies)

This is a gritty abstract / downtempo electronica with strong tech and industrial vibe. Featured confident beats, electronic synths, distant arpeggios and soaring mood. Great for tech oriented timelapse, slideshow about automation, manufacture, factory, machine-made, different technical footages and...

Lost In The Clouds

Perfect for: commercials, trailers, beautiful and emotional videos, historical films, teasers, intro, games, presentations, titles, titres, time-lapse and landscapes

Forest Walk

Great for nature and natural trailer, yoga and meditation background, pastoral and dreamy landscapes and much more. Also perfect for underwater and waterfall films, angles and paradise scenes, mellow and soft music intro and much more

Jingle Bells Punk

This is exactly what the name states. A punk rock version of Jingle Bells! Drums, bass distorted guitars and a touch of festive brass and actual jingle bells. This track is very up beat and a lot of fun. Christmas wouldn’t be the same without a rocking holiday anthem, that is why we created Jingle...


Grunge/90s alternative rock-inspired song, driven by a memorable bass groove. Features melodic guitar lead and male vocals. Dark, brooding vibe. Medium Tempo (108 BPM). Great for high-energy action tv/movie scenes or commercials.


A building Ambient piece for Electric guitar with emotional themes that create an uplifting effect. Ideal for climatic scenes.

Cloud Compass

Dramatic epic motivational music with modern arrangement for films, games and tv
Yann Keerim
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