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After Work Relaxing

Uplifting, inspiring, modern and positive emotional business technology pop track with synths, harmonics, guitars, plucks, bass and drums and percussion. This track is suitable for modern, uplifting, technological, upbeat, motivational and positive inspiring projects to set an optimistic and happy m...

Tai Chi Spirit

A meditative instrumental song including Guzheng, Erhu and bamboo flute. A suitable relaxation track for meditation or martial arts tutorials. Also perfect for presentations, slideshows, video blogs and any project dealing with Tai Chi, Qi Gong and China.

Westside Story

A melancholic and relaxed west coast rap instrumental with piano, saxophone, strings and deep kick. Suitable for any project dealing with rap, gangsters, LA and California.

Aikido Meditation

A meditative instrumental song with ethnic Japanese instruments like koto and shakuhachi flute. Suits any project dealing with Aikido, Japanese martial arts, meditation and Japan.

Deep Chillout Lounge

Deep Chillout Lounge is a relaxing downtempo instrumental electronic background tune with a splashy disco beat and funky guitar riffs. Instrumentation includes piano, drums, bass, electric guitar, synthesizer, strings, claps, tambourine, maracas and fx Excellent for any kind of presentations, loun...

Fashion Tech Corporate

Background music intended for fashion and technology reportage, news, commercial or any kind of footage related.

Dance of Pulsars in Deep Space

Instrumental positive electronic ambient music made for synthesizers, soundscapes, guitars and piano, best for space travel and science in films, tv series and documentaries. Also great for relaxation, spa and natural therapies.


Optimistic Reggae tune with horn section melody and hammond and steel drums solos.

Beautiful Sights

Inspiring ambiental background with emotive crescendo at the end. Introspective and relaxing as well as motivating and encouraging tune, ideal for comercials and corporative videos.

Beautiful Landscape

Introspective and relaxing piano track thought for inspirational and reflexive video projects with an uplifting climax at the end.

Soft Piano (gentle, emotional)

Relaxing and peaceful track, slow, calm and delicate. Piano, glockenspiel and some strings in the end. Very sweet, gentle. Sort of lullaby.

Piano Mood (emotional & sweet)

Quiet and relaxing mood, good for a descriptive video or a fantasy soundtrack. Piano harmony and a tender flute melody. Some soft strings and bells to add some colours.

Sentimental dramatic piano and strings

Beautiful dramatic emotional music with piano and strings, imbued with the sentimental notes and lyrical feelings.

Happy orchestra inspiring romantic background

Happy beautiful orchestral background with a romantic atmosphere of bliss and inspiring mood.

Happy calm inspiring corporate background music

Relaxed corporate background with guitar, piano and drums that create a happy atmosphere and good mood.
Yann Keerim
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