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Take a Break

Composer: MusicTrend
This is deep chill out and soulful downtempo music in smooth jazz style and flying away atmosphere. This royalty free background music can perfectly fit for advertising/commercials, lounge videos, spa and resorts presentations, travel and adventure videos, romantic and sincere moments, drone videos,...

Supreme Waltz (Piano and Orchestra)

Composer: Neil Cross
Very emotional and romantic piece with beautifully performed piano and light orchestral backing. This track has a true sense of longing and passion, combined with feelings of hope and optimism. Great for scenes requiring classy, sentimental and elegant music.

Smooth Atmospheric Guitar

Composer: Neil Cross
Dreamy, atmospheric guitar track with chilled electronic beat and ambient synth pads. Great for subtle, mellow background piece for a various of uses.

Smooth Atmospheric Guitar (Solo Guitar)

Composer: Neil Cross
Relaxed solo guitar track with melancholic, dreamy feel. This atmospheric, tranquil piece is great as dreamy background track to add extra substance and ambience to your project.

Didgeridoo World Beat

Composer: Alehey Kukhianidze
This warm and atmospheric downtempo stock music track with ethnic elements (didgeridoo) makes angry hippos stand peacefully and watch as the kettle is crossing the river. It is suitable for travel and nature videos, geographical and documentaries videos, TV programs, or any kind of video where you w...

Ambient Underscore (Hear Two)

Composer: Merv de Peyer
Heavily processed acoustic guitars and beautiful padding create a truly unique chilled ambient backdrop...

Ambient Underscore (Hear One)

Composer: Merv de Peyer
Looking into the void, traveling to the furthest outer reach's... Textured padding and soft pulsating synthesiser's.

Contact Beach

Composer: Catherine Mcgeachy
A relaxing electronica track with thick synth layers, this ambient music is perfect chilled scenes on a beach or thoughtful moments in nature.

Ambient Inspiring Space

Instrumental music made for synthesizers. The style is very near to ambient and new age electronic, the rhythm is calm and the composition has plenty of sound textures and pads. This music describes a relaxing situation traveling through the deep space. The main notes are played by a piano with a ve...

Soft Ambient Lounge Background Music

Composer: mangoaudio
Ambient corporate background track. Uplifting, inspiring and motivational music. Perfect for corporate presentations, innovative videos, technological presentations, websites, motivational infographics, uplifting and inspiring projects, YouTube videos, tutorials, slideshows, montages, openers, busin...

Chill Ambient World

Composer: Alehey Kukhianidze
The ambient and relaxing composition. Mood of this track – chilled, relaxed, sensual, hypnotizing, and charming. This background track perfect for travel video, ethnic fashion show, youtube and any project needing world chill soundtrack. Thanks for listening and purchasing :)

Uplifting Atmospheric and Inspiring Corporate

Composer: artsygoat
Ambient, atmospheric, inspiring, upbeat and uplifting corporate background music with chill, confident and beautiful vibes and aura, motivational, energetic and dreamy feel, featuring electric guitar, acoustic guitar, piano, drums, hand claps, atmospheric pads, ’’Hey’’ vocal chants, electron...

Modern Chill Hop Emotion

Composer: Jake Schneider
A modern, cinematic Chill Hop track with emotion. Featuring: synths, piano, strings, bass, hip-hop drums and fx. Perfect for inspirational and motivational videos, corporate videos, vlogs, YouTube tech blogs, fashion commercials, summer travels, road travels, urban city videos, time lapse videos, d...

Chill Ambient Background Space

Composer: Alehey Kukhianidze
Abstract, chillout, relaxing composition with atmosphere mood. Great for chill zones, blog, fashion show, cafe/shop/market/web, slideshow, youtube channels and any kind of video where you want soft lounge background music. Thanks for listening and purchasing :)

Tropical Upbeat Summer Pop House

Composer: Melomaker
Uplifting Inspiring Summer Tropical House is a modern and inspiring summer dance track. The feel of the track is happy, tropical, positive, uplifting, bright.

Future Bass Electronic

Composer: Melomaker
Bright and fresh future bass composition with thick drums and warm synths, piano chords and various effects. Suitable for any project needing ambient but melodic and groovy musical backgrounds, especially timelapse and macromode video productions of nature and urban city places.

Upbeat Pop House

Composer: Melomaker
Energetic Pop House track with a synthesized upbeat melody and rhytmic piano chords. Suitable for presentations, blog, fashion video, design, advertising, etc.

Stay Focused

Composer: Francesco Biondi
Cool and relaxed ambient instrumental track with a contemporary electro sound. Chill-out influences with a serious, inquiring mood, suggesting the idea of attention and concentration.
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