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Sad, deep, meditative, dramatic and reflexive Piano track. Remembrance of a rainy day; intense and intimate feelings. Remember the love, beauty, tenderness, hope and peace. This track can be used as a soundtrack or background music in films, photo slideshow, motivational projects, memorial video, cr...

Chill Morning LoFi

Chill Morning LoFi is Very touching melody with the deep beat will inspire your production. Touching, solemn, tender, encouraging; beautiful feelings for your media work. This track is perfect for emotive projects, slideshows, inspirational commercials projects, motivational presentations, wedding ...

Drops from the Sky (piano version)

The most lively and natural sounds are the sounds of nature. Rain, thunder, wind, they are as much alive as you can hear ! These are: gentle flutes, formidable double basses, and piano passages ! Everything that your heart desires !

Inspiring Piano

“Inspiring Piano” – Inspiring, hopeful and beautiful cinematic soundtrack. Touching, solemn, tender, elegant, encouraging; feelings of joy for your media work. Perfect for background music in slideshows, inspirational commercials, motivational and uplifting presentations, coaching, personal gr...

At Last

Big, warm and emotional epic track with a playful beginning, big orchestra, percussion and brass. Very heroic in the mid-part, accompanied by lush strings and big brass, whereas the closure moves towards a more pulsating, vibrant end. Beautiful dressed track with a rich orchestration, chord progress...


Modern yet emotionally driven epic track, perfect for underscore and texture. Beautifully dressed with lush and long strings, accompanied by a humming female vocal, wide emotional melody with big orchestra, brass and percussion. Rather slow, intensifying and building up in the arrangement to give yo...

The Summit

Emotionally driven epic track with a beautiful female epic vocal line and glamorous arrangement, rather melancholic yet energetic. Through accentuated strings and percussion, this track intensifies in the final part. Here, big trailer hits are joined together with an emotional outbreak by the vocals...

Turning Point

Very emotionally driven and majestic epic orchestra track. Building up in the mid-part with a male vocal line leading to a beautiful rich and warm sound in the overall arrangement, it intensifies in glory and epicenes in the last part by introducing the female viking vocal line which adds to a bigge...

As the Wind Changes

Melancholic yet majestic and melodic emotional epic track. Beautifully dressed in modern strings, orchestration and some pulse effects. Very warm and passionate with heartwarming vocals, choir, lush strings and piano. It intensifies and transforms into a big epic track that evokes interest and atten...

Sleepless Beauty

Very warm and positive emotional epic track, classical and symphonic. Beautifully arranged through the sections of the orchestra, very melodic in the violins, accompanied by the piano. While being romantic and fragile, the end aggravates towards a big cinematic climax, with big drums and lush string...

A Little More Time

Symphonic and emotionally driven adventurous epic track. Very engaging and beautifully dressed with subtle percussion patterns, emotive violins, and accentuated strings. Passionate character intensifies and compellingly evolves as the track goes, picks up momentum and ends rather vibrant in the solo...

Follow Hidden Paths

Emotionally driven epic track with beautiful ambient guitars, warm strings, choir and overall interesting that evokes interest and attention. Very rich and graceful through subtle percussion, accentuated strings and majestic orchestration. Ever-increasing resulting in an even wider orchestra, the mu...
Yann Keerim
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