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The Ambilight

A happy Future Bass original mix about the breeze on a sunset beach, with a colorful Ambilight as the background. The song combines with fresh electronica music elements with world ethnic instruments like Shakuhachi flutes, vocal chops, acoustic guitar, harp, EDM synth, and organic drums.

Suspenseful Thoughts

Suspenseful background track featuring celeste, piano and strings. The track is driven forward by tense rhythmic elements and will work well supporting a variety of media seeking ominous, worrying sounding musical support.

Starlight Valse

A calm and sentimental melody going from harp to flutes and finally to the violin, leading to an emotional full orchestra climax and ending softly but with a touch of mystery.


That moment when you were in the cinema,the lights went out and the screen went dark.... romantic melodies,wistful inspirational full of feeling strings fill the spaces and become important,often with the presence of a repetitive piano....

Finding Things Out

Calm background track featuring calm sounds and melodies. Will work wel in documentaries, film or any other media.

Ticking Clock

A soft piano and pads rhythmic background with a sparse piano melody, creating a calm but flowing atmosphere. Great for background music in presentations, videos, films and various sentimental content.

Book of Mysteries

A dark glockenspiel and strings first part with a second part with light pulsing pads and string ostinato, creating a mysterious atmosphere and a sense of anticipation. Great for documentaries, videos, films and various other productions needing a touch of mystery.


Background music for documentaries, voiceover, nature videos, animals, travel videos, movies, youtube videos and many more!
Yann Keerim
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