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Inspiring Freedom

This cinematic, orchestral piece of music is inspiring and motivational. It based on heroic, cinematic orchestra and suits for any kind of inspirational videos about beauty of our world, adverts, epic movie trailers, intros and some social projects, photo slide shows etc.

Images of Romance

A soft, very melodic, romantic piano tune, with a touch of strings, great for background music in various videos, documentaries or commercials.

Little Efi's Valse

A very soft and melodic lullaby, with piano and music box. Great for background music in children videos, presentations or other projects requiring a soft atmosphere.


A track with both soft and melodic as well as rhythmic parts, with a full orchestral epic climax towards the end, creating a warm sentimental but at the same time heroic atmosphere.

Take my Hand (Romantic Piano Tune)

A soft, very melodic, romantic piano tune, great for background music in sentimental scenes, videos or commercials.

Magic Fireflies

Magic Fireflies is an ambient, electronic music track with memorable melody, atmospheric pads, piano, airy plucks, glitchy beats and different electronic movements. It`s good for ads, corporate promo videos, podcast, videos about beauty of our world, scientific or tech vlogs.

Seacoast Winds

"Seacoast Winds" is an inspiring and romantic electronic royalty free track featuring atmospheric pads, piano, airy plucks, strings, glitchy beats and different electronic movements. Great for ads, vlogs about wonderful travelings and beauty of our world, corporate promo videos.

Epic Medieval Age

Epic medieval music for adventure projects, medieval historical movies, epic game or fantasy tale videos. It engage audience with it’s epic middle ages feel, folk atmosphere and heroic fantasy adventure vibe. Archive includes 2 version: main version 2:01, short version 0:48

Epic Adventure

A track with melodic as well as epic elements, with a driving percussion giving an adventurous feeling, a quieter second part and a full orchestra and choir climax towards the end.

Happy summer Indie Pop

Uplifting, inspirational and motivational Indie pop track with muted electric guitars, piano, synths, bass, hand claps and indie drums. Perfect for advertisement, youtube videos, podcasts and much more. THREE VERSION: 2:02, 1:01, 0:31.

Wonders of Nature (Soft Background Orchestral)

An orchestral track with a soft horn melody and a strings and brass bed, with a subtle flowing percussion, great for background music in presentations, documentaries, promotions and other media needing a calm and melodic atmosphere.

First Look (Lullaby)

A very sweet tune with a music box and pad, a lullaby, perfect for kids videos, photo mementoes or when a soft and sentimental background music is required.

Holding On To Hope (short version)

Dreamy, reflective piano piece with light atmospheric strings. This delicate tune has a simple melody and conveys a feeling of hope and melancholy, yet subtly optimistic. Perfect for emotional, peaceful background music.

Emotional Inspirational Piano - Loop Version

Emotional royalty free background soundtrack for inspirational projects, slideshow, motivational clips, presentations, photo, video, wedding, family videos and more. Thanks for listening and purchasing.

Storm Heros

An epic, uplifting orchestral trailer that combines cinematic brass, chorus, strings and percussion with synths, bass, and electric guitar to create an inspirational, heroic atmosphere.

Feel Good - Loop Version

Feel Good is an uplifting royalty free background soundtrack. Creating an atmosphere of inspiration, success and optimism. Perfect to corporate projects, presentations, advertisements, Youtube and more. Thanks for listening and purchasing.

Epic Heroic

An epic, heroic, dramatic, powerful and majestic noble cinematic theme for orchestra suitable for movie trailers, advertising, video games, sports videos, inspirational and motivational videos, commercials and more. Artistic name: Born to fight.
Yann Keerim
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