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Dreamy Futuristic

Deep Chillwave Tech Future Garage is a high-tech electronic track featuring atmospheric chords, soft textures with deep bass and trendy future garage percussion with Burial-like vocal samples. Good for advertising, business, youtube, vlogging, vlogs, vimeo, instagram, fashion, background music, urba...

Branding Atmospheric

Inspiring Beauty is a high-tech electronic track featuring futuristic synths, soft textures and trendy future garage beat. This track will approach for: vlogging, vlogs, workout, fitness videos, health and body, diet, cooking food, eating, makeup tutorial, beauty tutorial, lifestyle, unboxing, produ...

Smooth Night

Upbeat, dreamy lounge hiphop tracks. Perfect for party, urban openers, modern slideshows, travel videos, summer adventures, fashion and podium, commercial advertising, beauty vlog, tutorial, hip hop background and many more

Electronic (Big Stride)

Track with a deep fat bass-line combined with atmospheric synths, air piano and groovy drums make this a track suitable for many use-cases. Perfect for technology video, fashion projects, future video, presentation, club/dance/party projects, science video etc.

Winter Calm

Introducing “Lo-Fi Warm Calm Coffee Shop” – a captivating and nostalgic lo-fi hip-hop music track perfect for vlogs, travel videos, lifestyle content, urban footages, and more. Immerse your audience in a warm and cozy atmosphere with its soulful melodies, soothing beats, and vintage samples. T...

Happy Uplifting Rock

Happy Uplifting Rock - A vibrant and spirited anthem in the indie rock genre, "Happy Uplifting Rock" exudes positivity, energy, and rhythm. Fueled by live electric rock guitars, a dynamic bass guitar, and lively drums, this track is a powerhouse of sound. Perfectly suited for a range of commercial a...

80s Retro Bouncy Fashion Chillwave

An bouncy, retro, fashion and 80s chillwave royalty free song, with retro synth leads, synth pads, 80’s bass and efficient powerful beats, best for ads, retro visuals, fashion, 80s aesthetics and artistic related content !
Yann Keerim
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