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From Zero to Hero

Begin rather murky,- it quickly moves into a bright and engaging track, highlighting accomplishment and success. Second part accompanied by drums and a very bright, jolly and happy tune. Together with the glockenspiel and the military snares, this sets a great feeling of content and uplift. Ideal fo...

Selfmade Pralinees

Short yet magical track, with warm long strings, glockenspiel and jolly melody. Ideal as transition, underscore or show opener, romantic scenes or heart.


Glockenspiel, guitar and drum kit make magic together in Motivation. A rush of strings keep things moving along. It’s more than Motivation: it’s inspiration! This charming track is great for advertising positive emotions. Soundtrack an image film or industry presentation to show optimism and hop...

Happy Whimsical Adventure

A happy, whimsical and cute cinematic track with a sense of adventure. Featuring pizzicato, orchestral strings, glockenspiel, marimba, flute, harp and cinematic fx. Great for fun commercials, comedy, awkward moments, advertising, light-hearted videos, children’s videos, animation, CGI, cartoon vi...

Perfect Business

Instrumental corporate music made for acoustic and electric guitars, piano, strings, glockenspiel and drums, ideal for advertising and commercials. Also great for positive and uplifting situations in media projects, clips, youtube and presentations.

Nice Afternoon Walk

Instrumental positive and easy acoustic music made for acoustic guitars, piano, glockenspiel, strings, drums and strings, perfect for happy and joyous scenes in films and tv series. Also great for advertising, commercials and documentaries in similar optimistic contemplative situations.

Happy Indie Rock

Energy and happiness indie-rock track featuring uplifting electric guitars, bouncy rock bass, positive claps, bright glockenspiel, and energetic drums. Featuring a driving rock riff and friendly vocals melodies accompanied by claps and catchy guitar melody, it will prove to be more than perfect for ...

Upbeat Ukulele

Fun and sunny mood in super cheerful composition “Upbeat Ukulele”. You can hear bright ukulele, joyful whistle, optimistic glockenspiel, groovy drums, claps and snips. This music is best suited for videos with children, family oriented commercials, comedy videos, curious video with animals, tv a...

Thoughtful Cinematic

It`s a thoughtful and meditative cinematic composition. You can hear a lot of marimba, glockenspiel, strings, piano, percussion and ukulele. Best for cinema projects, creative commercials and technology presentations and nature documentary.

Happy Ukulele

Happy cheerful ukulele music theme. You can hear ukulele, acoustic guitars, piano, claps drums and glockenspiel. Best for media projects with childrens, family oriented, travel blogs, business presentation, domestic and food commercials.

Uplifting Corporate

Positive and dynamic corporate with live acoustic and electric guitars makes strong and inspiring mood. Starts simple it become more complex in the end with couple of cheerful strings, pleasant piano melody and bright glockenspiel.

A Better Tomorrow

Advantageous and glorious epic track, emotional and melancholically driven. Later the colossal heroic theme intensifies in the brass section and short strings and will fade out in a lone piano sound and high bells. Very romantic, sad yet driven by a monumental trailer-like orchestration. Ideal for c...

Shine of Happiness

Instrumental acoustic music made for piano, acoustic guitars and glockenspiel, great for uplifting and optimistic scenes in commercials, advertising, films, documentaries and TV series.

Christmas calm (optimistic, inspiring, background theme)

Soft Christmas background theme, inspiring and motivating before the holiday achievements. Has nice tools and even a chiming clock.
Yann Keerim
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