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Atmospheric ambient track using an air pad and synthesized sharp sounds. This is an excellent choice for space, relaxation, documentary, meditation, science fiction, slowdown, adventure and many other your projects.


This is a modern, emotional experimental track using pianos in reverse, sharp electronic sounds, staccato strings, electric guitars and deep rhythm sections. It's great for time-slaps, nature, presentations, youtube, documentary and many other your projects.


Calm ambient cinematic track with a string group, harp, slow rhythm section and a small glitch effects. It is well suited for presentations, advertisements, slow-mo, trailers and more.

Powerful Sport

Powerful energetic sports track. A mix of Drum and Bass, Breakbeat and Dubstep. Powerful guitar riffs. Fresh, sharp synths and trendy sound. Ideal for music voicing of sports events and other energetic scenes. The archive includes two versions.

Inspiring Motivation

Energetic corporate track that features sharp bright sounds, pianos, drums and staccato strings section. The instruments build as the song progresses, finishing with an inspirational ending. This song is perfect for promotional videos, commercials, advertisements, movie trailers, film scores, TV ads...

Inspiring Future

This is an inspiring, experimental background track using sharp synth sounds, arpeggiators, sweep pads, deep bass and slow drum loops for presentations, advertising, technology, medicine and other your projects.

Inspiring Dubstep

Energetic, inspiring song in the style of dubstep with modern, bright, sharp electronic sounds. This is an excellent choice for high-tech, aerospace, robotics, and other video about the technology of the future!

Future Ambient

This is a warm lounge track with pianos, sharp electronic arpeggio sounds, an air synth pad and a deep rhythm section. A great choice for travel, science, science fiction, advertising, Youtube, presentations and many other your TV, video projects.

Epic Ambient

Relaxing music piano, harp and bells orchestra turns into a heroic calm music. It is perfect for the final epic movie, teaser, trailer and more.

Digital Technology

It’s an upbeat, modern, stylish and light track with a soft and beautiful sound that fills your fashion or any other corporate project with a relaxing atmosphere. This track uses sharp electronic sounds, a piano and a deep rhythm section. “Digital Technologies” is an excellent choice for prese...

Corporate Motivational Inspiring

Motivational, uplifting track with an energetic and optimistic feeling. In this track we used guitars, sharp synthesizer lead, piano, string section staccato and rhythm section. This is an excellent choice for corporate video, slideshow, YouTube, vlog, blog and other your projects.

Cinema Orch Drama

The sad beautiful theme, played by the orchestra (string group, harp, flute). Ideal for movies, performances, trailers, etc. in the style of drama.

Ambient Glitch Technology

Electronic ambient track with the use of sharp synthesized sounds for business, presentations, youtube, slideshow and other projects.

Technology Background

Soft, deep, light track with the use of piano, sharp synthesized sounds and electronic rhythm section for business, technology, presentations and many other your projects.

Inspiring Corporate

Soft music with straight rhythm and sharp atmospheric synthesizers for presentations, YouTube, TV and other your projects.

Positive Cinematic Upbeat Background

Instrumental music made for piano and orchestra. The style is classical soundtrack and the mood is positive, uplifting and hopeful. The composition starts with the piano playing the main notes of the composition. Then, the entrance of orchestral instruments increases the energy and happiness of the ...

Crime Trap

Crime gangsta trap. The most current musical style of the 21st century. Music of the streets, music of the ghetto, music of the underground. Stylish, fashionable, modern. Suitable for both advertising and video blogs. Powerful bass, sharp beat.

Abstract Hip-Hop

Music track for detective series titles. Mix of hip-hop, trap and disturbing music. lyric piano arpeggios, sharp synths and powerful beats.
Yann Keerim
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