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Energetic and Upbeat Indie Pop

Energetic and Upbeat Indie Pop Indie Rock – Positive summer Indie pop-rock song with a whistle and vocal hook, will bring the life into your project! Perfect for any advertising, private videos, presentations, corporate events and more…

Aspire Corporate Motivational Upbeat

Aspire – Motivational, bright, catchy corporate track, with muted guitar, piano and gentle atmospheric pad on the background! Perfect for any media project!

This Happy

This Happy – Fast, fun, uplifting, upbeat and happy musical track with a glockenspiel and whistle, perfect for advertising, corporative video presentations, exhibitions, slideshow, private videos and more…


Trance Emotional, energetic and motivational progressive trance track with catchy chords.

Make An Impact

An inspiring corporate-styled track with cinematic percussion, electric guitar, and synth pads to create a powerful soundscape. Perfect for any type of business media, advertising campaigns, social media content, and more.

Funny Cartoon Story

A quirky and fun orchestral piece in the style of classic cartoons and comedy, very playful and rich in variety. Featuring strings, woodwinds, brass, orchestral percussion and drums. Perfect for animation, children movies, tv, commercial, youtube videos.

Light Cinematic Dramedy

Light, playful and positive orchestral dramedy track, featuring marimba, harp, flute and strings. Perfect for advertising, commercials, reality TV, romantic comedy, youtube videos.

Fresh And Fit - Fitness Motivation Trap

Futuristic, high-powered, motivational and hard-hitting future bass trap audio background! It has a great build up, grizzly bass, thunderous brass and atmospheric synths, all topped up with earth-shattering drums! Perfect for Tech tutorials, Action Sports, , Boxing, Auto vlogs, Tutorials, Fitness,...

Uplifting Optimistic Inspiration

A confident, motivational corporate track, featuring bright piano, determined electric guitars, modern string patterns, vibrant synths and a slick four on the floor drum beat. Starting with catchy piano chords, building to an inspiring, driving final section. For positive stories that inspire and mo...
Yann Keerim
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