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Business hold solution music

Relaxing background business music with guitars and piano, creating a favorable atmosphere and positive mood.

Happy Days

This happy cheerful composition bring sunny mood to your videos or ads. Choose it for video with pets, kids, travel journeys, presentations as a background music. Its a bright tune with acoustic guitars, claps, tambourines, bells and piano.

Inspiring Beauty

A calm, peaceful and uplifting music with piano, acoustic guitars, claps & indie “hey” and “woah” background vocals. Perfect for commercials, advertising, family footage, intros, wedding and nature shows.

Happy Go Plucky (Upbeat, Light, Optimistic)

A joyful and happy melody with ukulele, perfect for product videos and anything that needs a light touch.

Feeling Home

Warm and breezy country folk music with fingerpicking acoustic guitar, piano, fiddle violin and drums. Peaceful soothing campfire atmosphere, with a nostalgic yet uplifting feeling. Perfect for productions targeting families, real estate promos or biological and green-friendly campaigns.

Friendly support (Calm upbeat corporate)

Calm corporate background music with a pleasant and light atmosphere and an optimistic mood. Combined with presentations, technology, social videos, slide shows, and commercial projects, etc.

Good deeds (Positive corporate background)

Calm corporate background music with a positive and light atmosphere and an optimistic mood. Combined with presentations, technology, corporate videos, slide shows, social, commercial projects, etc.

Paradise corner (Calm upbeat background)

Calm, optimistic background music with a light atmosphere and a positive mood. Combined with presentations, technology, upbeat videos, slide shows, commercial projects, etc.

Elevating Higher

This one is uplifting and inspiring music with atmospheric sound and hopeful mood. Nice background for adventure videos, happy lifestyle videos, motivational speeches, friends and family videos, promos, encouraging travel videos, nature videos, and more.

Brightest Stars

A relaxed track that blends piano, orchestral intruments and guitars to produce a tranquil and uplifting feeling.

Stepping Stones

Feel good and upbeat positive piece with fingerpicked acoustic guitar and glockenspiel. Evoking feelings of happy confidence. Perfect for children’s TV, advertising, corporate projects and any joyful and optimistic footage.

Inspiring Love And Care [Acoustic Folk Peaceful Emotional Inspirational]

This royalty free music track makes whirlwinds of soothing emotions from the very start! It's a soft, inspiring, calm and emotional track featuring warm sounds of acoustic guitar, sweet piano melodies, soft percussion, claps and gentle strings. It is loopable and it has a musical/stinger ending to f...

Endless (alternate piano key)

Beautiful simple (Sad/Happy) cinematic theme featuring piano (alternate piano key).

Warm Life [Acoustic Guitar Peaceful Background Folk]

Soft acoustic guitar track full of inspiration. Instruments: Acoustic guitar, upright bass, soft percussion, clappy claps, strings, bells and mallets. Mood and emotions: love, tenderness, inspiration, dreamy, happy, positive, relaxation. This acoustic guitar music is ready for commercials, ...
Yann Keerim
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