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A Cowboy Belongs to the Country

Themes for the single revolve around where the character in the song is challenged at this point in his life and where he feels he needs to be. Deep down his country, cowboy roots are calling him home.

Its Hot Down South

This is a country rock song. It is a fun rockin' honky tonk song good for parties. It is about a man having a great time at a bar, enjoying the people and music, and having fun with a woman.

Future Reggae

This is a traditional guitar riff in reggae style with the Future Bass rhythm section and electronic sounds. Perfectly reflects the light mood and carefree atmosphere. Ideal for summer beach videos, travel, advertising, documentaries, travel blogs and many other your projects.

Olla Doo

Roots-rock instrumental, bluesy and yet lighthearted. Lead instruments: piano, harmonica, guitar.

Summer's End

Warm and friendly folk pop with acoustic guitar, piano strings and flute.

Southern Roots Boogie

Southern bluesy fingerpicked riffs mix with slide guitar and mandolin for a swaggering roots track. Perfect for swampy outdoors scenes.

Traveling By Highway

A low slide guitar and mandolin join for a medium tempo southern melody, conjuring scenes of traveling, dusty highways, the mountains, and backroads.
Yann Keerim
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