Composer Michael Adels

Michael is a studio musician and started his career over 10 years ago. The styles are very versatile and move mainly in pop and electronics. In repertoire there are numerous pieces for use in advertising, image and corporate videos. He also composes childrens music, background music for games and jingles.
Total Number of Tracks in Library: (127)

  • 0-30 SEC
  • 31-60 SEC
  • > 61 SEC

Casual Jazz Background

Light and smooth jazz arrangement for many background applications like slideshows, commercials, on hold, weather report and more.

Corporate World

Light and optimistic background corporate track for universal use. Friendly and positive mood for every corporate video, slideshow, promotion and much more.

Epic Hybrid Trailer

Epic, modern and powerful trailer music for a wide range of promotional purposes or film score.

Corporate Relaxation

Light and smooth background corporate track for universal use. Friendly and positive mood for every corporate video, slideshow, promotion and much more.

An Elevator Love

Background music without attracting attention. Traditional jazz sound for many applications.

Cold Concrete

Electronic track with hypnotic arpeggios and a shimmering synth pad. The rhythm ensures an urban and more down-home feel. Versatile song for many needs.

High Definition

Intense electronic track with synth arpeggios and a driving rhythm. Perfect for tech themes, corporate videos, slideshows and much more.

Every Second

Straight and hopeful pop song with a positive and optimistic feel. Featuring acoustic and electric guitars and some bell sounds. Perfect choice for corporate videos, slideshows, presentations and much more.

Big Stage Presentation

Suspenseful mix of synths and powerful drums for background use in presentations, promotion videos, imagefilms and much more.

Colorful Life

Friendly and optimistic dance track for background use in commercials, slideshows, fashion projects, travel, sports and much more.


This track stands for ethical values, patriotism and hope. The song begins with a soft trumpet theme, grows with strings, piano, english horns, timpani and ends with an emotional climax.

First Snow

Orchestral and celebratory christmas songs with piano, strings, bells, harp, pizzicato and sleigh bells in the background. A beautiful winter theme with a classical approach. Festive mood for slideshows, advertisement or movies.

Silent Night Musicbox

Silent Night, a classic. Beautiful combination of music box sound and strings. This 30 second piece is perfect for short advertising or commercials.

Sleigh Jazz

Driving home for christmas with this wonderful jazzy song. The typical sleigh bells for the right mood. An improvisation with piano, drums, upright bass, jazz guitar and some vibes with additional bell layer.
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