Royalty free music by Michael Adels

Michael is a studio musician and started his career over 10 years ago. The styles are very versatile and move mainly between pop and electronics. In repertoire there are numerous pieces for use in advertising, image and corporate videos. He also composes childrens music, background music for games and jingles.

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Bouncy Pancake

Bouncy track with happy mood. With acoustic guitar, brush drums, strings and a catchy vocal theme.

These Years

A friendly and positive piano with acoustic guitar and strings. Warm and familiar feel.

Clear Sky

A lively piece with a clear message: everything is allright. A straight rhythm with friendly glockenspiel and bell melodies.


Dreamy and atmospheric electronica track. With its slightly pensive and flowing feel it works well as background music for scientific, space, travel projects and more.


A sloppy played acoustic guitar, glockenspiel melodies and pizzicato strings. The main piano theme is combined with a dulcimer sound. A bassoon for a haimish attitude.

The Challenge

A trailer for mountain climbing or other extreme sports and an intro for an action movie are possible uses.

Out Of The Blue

A breezy uptempo pop track with a light feeling. Bright and lively synth elements for a happy mood.


This track combines influences of asia and middle eastern. Its very universal and a favourite in documentaries, travel videos or live shows.

Happy (30sec)

A 30 second piece with piano, glockenspiel, marimba, pizzicato and a short ukulele part at the end. For an easy, positve and joyful feel.


A catchy piano theme, static rhythm, pulsating synth elements and the song stays suspenseful. Perfect track for tech applications.

Ice Cube

A snappy song with drums, acoustic rhythm guitar and synths. Bright bell melodies combined with evolving layer pads for a light feeling. Versatile background track.


A pop track with chinese elements and a rich arrangement. Groovy and driving feel. A catchy song as a hanger in documentaries, travel videos or maybe a movie.

Dance Of The Leaves

Hypnotic background music with evolving strings and a hypnotic epiano pattern.

Stay With Me

Tech related song with an evolving arrangement. Soft choir and synthstring sounds. The last part with additional rhythm and synth elements. Perfect for high tech, science or futuristic themes.


A continuous drumgroove with epiano, alto sax, synth and some noise effects in the background which give this track a little magic.

Ukulele (loop)

This simple loop featuring ukulele suits perfect in endless applications. Its warm and familiar feeling is the best background for successful projects. Seamless looped and quite versatile.

African Beat

A kind of african tribal beat with improvisation elements.

Wild Racer

This short and energetic rock piece suits perfect in many applications. If it is advertising, a commercial or an intro.


Straight rhythm with spare synth elements. A wiry and mystic bass sound gives this track its special mood. Inapproachable coolness for a wide range of applications.

Urban Jungle

A track that combines opposed elements and draws a picture of an urban life. Native rhythm and synthetic sequence elements come together to a hypnotic mix.
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