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Hawaiian Dream

A soft, calming and inspiring track that sets the perfect mood for your project. Suitable for commercials, YouTube, Instagram videos, corporate presentations, innovative videos, technological presentations, websites, motivational info-graphics.

Ocean Breeze (Hawaiian Vacation)

Hawaiian track filled with percussive instruments, ukulele, steel guitars for the perfect tropical vibes. Suitable for commercials, YouTube, Instagram videos, corporate presentations, innovative videos, technological presentations, websites, motivational info-graphics.

Outdoor Activities

Rustic indie folk instrumental track with strummed acoustic guitars, ukulele, piano, and strings. Easy-going cheerful mood suggesting outdoor recreational activities, family leisure time and creativity.

Train To The Wild West

Spaghetti western orchestral theme with all the elements of the genre: strumming acoustic guitars, passionate Opera choirs, symphonic orchestra, vibrating blues harmonica, tubular bells, mouth harp and percussions. Adventure, epic mood with the idea of open spaces and cinematic scenarios: right sou...

Upbeat Happy Clappy

Positive Upbeat Happy Tune with Strumming Ukulele and marimba lines and a stomping beat ideal for use as a backing track in commercials, ads, You Tube, corporate, podcasts etc

Vacation Island

Fun, laid back jam on the beach feel with strumming ukulele and shakers. Island, tropical beach party.

Maui Ragtime

1920's ragtime feel with strumming ukulele and slide guitar on the Dobro. Mid tempo, warm and quirky.

Grass Skirts

Very happy melodic & strumming ukulele and acoustic Hawaiian slide guitar. Positive, mid tempo and warm feel.

Sweet Melody

Cheerful and easy acoustic music, introduced by catchy music-box like melody, the track features nice ukulele and acoustic guitar strumming, piano and sweet whistle melody. Carefree, joyful mood, perfect for corporate or business related projects, children-oriented campaigns, productions for familie...

Happy and Carefree

A happy and carefree acoustic music with ukulele, bells and claps. Bright, friendly and positive folk pop music bed. Perfect for cheerful and joyful scenes, commercials and corporate video related to good times, friends and family, happy go lucky, sunny days, kids playing, love, playground and happi...

Acoustic Guitar Background

Simple and easy going track with acoustic guitar and piano. The track is easy and it will make a great background for various video projects from presentations to family slideshows.

Stay Young

Upbeat acoustic instrumental track with fast ukulele strumming, music box melody, piano and strings. Four-on-the floor kick drums increases the lively, uplifting mood. Breezy, playful feeling.

Cheerful Acoustic Advertising

A carefree, happy, upbeat, optimistic, fresh, bouncy, innocent, positive track with a laid-back and relaxed summer vibe. Main instruments are, strummed acoustic guitar, piano, mallets, bass and hand claps. Perfect for advertising, TV, radio, marketing, presentations, backgrounds, corporate, commerci...

Feel Lucky

Upbeat acoustic instrumental track with catchy whistling melody. Guitar, drums, hand clapping, bass with positive, playful mood.

Step By Step

Gentle, uplifting folk instrumental track with acoustic guitar, vocals, strings, piano and percussions. Soft dynamics, sweet music chords, captivating sound.

Western Inspiration

Warm and comforting country music with different guitars: acoustic, lap steel, clean electric guitar. Relaxed tempo, country-western atmosphere, inspirational mood.
Yann Keerim
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