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La Vuelta [Cumbia Clarinet Latin Fun Happy Travel]

La Vuelta is a fun and carefree latin cumbia track featuring clarinet, melodica, latin percussion and bass, creating lighthearted mood. Perfect for travels to south america, tropical and caribbean places, ethnic, food, restaurants, vlogs, cooking, vacation, summer, landscapes, celebration, and more.

Voy Pa Huila [Latin Cumbia South America Travel World Organic]

Voy Pa Huila (Latin Cumbia South America Travel World Organic) - Voy Pa Huila - Easy going accordion, latin percussion, acoustic and electric guitar play together in a bright, breezy Cumbia track. Perfect for latin content, travel, road trips, latin food, cooking and restaurants, documentaries, vl...

Remember your birthday

Remember your birthday is an instrumental composition that came up to marry two miscellaneous timbres, the brass instruments and the kanun, in the limits of a big band. The aspiration of this track is humorous because it is hard for me to remember the birthday of my own people.

Mediterranean Style Presentation

Spanish style track where festive Pop flamenco rumba is mixing with multi layered drums and percussion and lively guitar. Dancing and happy fiesta celebration feel. Upbeat and melodic Latin style track with lively percussion, spanish guitar riffs, acoustic and bass. Full of passion and excitemt.

Mariachi Fiesta

A cheerful traditional mexican mariachi with trumpet, accordion, bass, guitar / guitarron, ukulele, percussion and drums. perfect for vacation videos, party clips, resorts, spa, aqua parks, comedy bits, anything mexico or latin america related! Includes two versions: Version 1 - Full version 1:01 V...
Yann Keerim
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