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Road Trip

A percussive bass beat underscores Road Trip for a quirky and carefree feeling as the guitar and piano kick in. A touch of reverb gives this track a slightly ethereal quality that’s the perfect soundtrack for an edgy, earthy fantasy video, whether it’s a lifestyle advertisement or an Insta-worth...

Mediterranean Style Presentation

Spanish style track where festive Pop flamenco rumba is mixing with multi layered drums and percussion and lively guitar. Dancing and happy fiesta celebration feel. Upbeat and melodic Latin style track with lively percussion, spanish guitar riffs, acoustic and bass. Full of passion and excitemt.

Xiao Melody

Catchy xiao melody. Calm and very deeply track with an old Japan instrument similar to a flute. Evokes the landscapes of Japan and its traditionals folk sounds. Perfect for documentaries or travel channels. Tribal and ethnic track with wind instrument. Oriental. New years music And festival music.

Coming Back to Life

Emotional and inspiring composition ready for your dramatic projects. A perfect lush background for film, documentaries, television, or any video needing a magical and uplifting cinematic soundtrack. Inspire Orchestral track performed by an orchestra of piano, strings, cello and modern instruments.

Dreaming Stars

Perfect instrumental background music for cinematic, for presenting your business, new products or your company in general with an optimistic and motivational touch.

Emotional Choir

Original contemporary scoring choir for epic and emotional pieces. Atmospheric, beautiful track featuring a glorious blend of sustained voices singing in harmony.
Yann Keerim
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