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Mediterranean Style Presentation

Spanish style track where festive Pop flamenco rumba is mixing with multi layered drums and percussion and lively guitar. Dancing and happy fiesta celebration feel. Upbeat and melodic Latin style track with lively percussion, spanish guitar riffs, acoustic and bass. Full of passion and excitemt.

Xiao Melody

Catchy xiao melody. Calm and very deeply track with an old Japan instrument similar to a flute. Evokes the landscapes of Japan and its traditionals folk sounds. Perfect for documentaries or travel channels. Tribal and ethnic track with wind instrument. Oriental. New years music And festival music.

Coming Back to Life

Emotional and inspiring composition ready for your dramatic projects. A perfect lush background for film, documentaries, television, or any video needing a magical and uplifting cinematic soundtrack. Inspire Orchestral track performed by an orchestra of piano, strings, cello and modern instruments.

Dreaming Stars

Perfect instrumental background music for cinematic, for presenting your business, new products or your company in general with an optimistic and motivational touch.

Emotional Choir

Original contemporary scoring choir for epic and emotional pieces. Atmospheric, beautiful track featuring a glorious blend of sustained voices singing in harmony.

Vacation Island

Fun, laid back jam on the beach feel with strumming ukulele and shakers. Island, tropical beach party.

Underwater Love

Melodic ukulele and beautiful slide guitar on the acoustic Hawaiian lap steel. Laid back, relaxed, romantic and warm. Slow tempo.

Sunny Day Dream

Graceful ukulele and acoustic Hawaiian lap steel guitar. Very resonant, warm, beautiful, romantic and sunny.

Ocean Smiles

Very pretty combination of melodic ukulele lines and the acoustic Hawaiian lap steel guitar. Very beautiful, lovely and peaceful.

Maui Ragtime

1920's ragtime feel with strumming ukulele and slide guitar on the Dobro. Mid tempo, warm and quirky.

Lovely Oahu

Warm melodic ukulele and slide guitar on the electric Hawaiian lap steel. Slow tempo and beautiful. Warm, tropical and dreamy.

Island Water Falls

Beautiful combination of ukulele and slide guitar on the acoustic Hawaiian lap steel. Warm, tropical and romantic. Very laid back, pretty and relaxed.

Grass Skirts

Very happy melodic & strumming ukulele and acoustic Hawaiian slide guitar. Positive, mid tempo and warm feel.

Fire Dance

Bahama island limbo feel with percussion, warm electric slide guitar and ukulele. Mid tempo tropical and sunny.

Coconut Drinks

Very happy laid back relaxed track with ukulele, acoustic guitar harmonics, and percussion. Very memorable melody.

Breezy Blues

laid back Hawaiian blues with bluesy ukulele and slide guitar on the acoustic Hawaiian lap steel guitar. Very relaxed drunk feel. Warm and tropical.

Beach Sleeping

Laid back lazy feel track with ukulele, bass, percussion and electric lap steel guitar. Slow tempo, warm and relaxed.

Riding Camels

Very mystical trance like track with Indian instruments and percussion. Mid tempo and middle eastern feel.

Night Spirits

Slow tempo African percussion and moody picked chords on the acoustic lap steel with grinding electric lap steel guitar. Climatic distorted middle. Sense of drama and urgency.
Yann Keerim
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