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Love whims

Sensual piano composition, creating a loving atmosphere and sentimental mood. Combined with sentimental, romantic videos, happy, love themes, slide shows, social videos, etc.

The Desert an Me

Epic landscapes, dunes, burning sun, big mountains in the far - what an adventure. This song transports and epic mood, a mixture of ethnic epic music and rock. Perfectly suitable for adventure music with desert scenes.


This is a piece of epic, ethnic, hybrid trailer music. Perfectly suitable for epic drone flights or epic wide landscape records. The song contains epic ethnic female vocals and also in the beginning an ethnic chant of the maasai tribal. Sahara V1 - with the ethnic Maasai tribal chant - 03:08 Sahara...


Smooth hip-hop beat with soulful vocal chops.


Jazzy hip-hop beat. Trumpet, soulful vocal chops, synths.


Laidback hip-hop beat. Around 80 bpm. Centered around electric piano and soulful vocal chops.

Angelic smile

A calm, soulful composition with warm bells, strings, brass and bass, creating an inspiring atmosphere and sentimental mood. In combination with documentaries, romantic, inspirational, happy videos, slide shows, social networks and other projects.

A Night in Seville

Dramatic and romantic melody played by piano and spanish guitar with a soft orchestral background giving it a very emotional and sentimental mood while having a slow tempo that also adds drama and solemnity.

Sweet Hip Hop Loop

A soulful loop made of deep drums and bass, stylish piano, groovy percussions and cool electro sounds.

Soulful Loop

A smooth and sexy music, Soulful Loop is a nu soul track made of brush jazzy drums, warm electric bass, stylish electric piano and minimal electric guitar. This track is useful for your lounge, fashion and classy projects.
Yann Keerim
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