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This track has a calm, measured pace and magic! Celeste, music box and bells set the magical mood. Suitable for Christmas video, Christmas history, Christmas morning, Christmas evening, holidays, surprises and family videos, tender and children's projects, New Year videos, as well as for many beau...

A Little Christmas Tune

A cozy piano lullaby, featuring guitar and glockenspiel with a very soft and dreamy mood.

Spaghetti western lullaby

Spaghetti Western Lullaby a la Ennio Morricone, think about Sergio Leone film, The good the bad and the ugly, Once upon a time in America, Tarantino Pulp Fiction. Film, Tv, Commercials, All media. Low key, whistled melody, male vocal, heavenly choir, classic guitar, elegant nostalgic romantic. Male ...

After Hours Lullaby

Dark, introspective and slightly grungy guitar melodies in the style of a lullaby with some soft, orchestral touches.

Inspiring Meditative & Dreamy Lullaby

Inspiring Meditative & Dreamy Lullaby is a soft and calming soundscape. It was composed with meditation, sleep, massage, reiki, and yoga backgrounds in mind. This instrumental soundscape elicits feelings of compassion and love with its soothing, calming energy. This clip could help in film projec...

Original Lullaby - Kids Children Song

Relaxing and calm original lullaby that is great for projects aimed for kids and children. It features a melodic xylophone playing a simple but effective melody.

Lullaby For An Angel

A very soft and peaceful melody, going from music box, to flute and to a soft boy's choir, creating an angelic atmosphere. Ideal for use in YouTube videos, kids projects, photo mementoes, romantic movie trailers and much more.

Lullaby For Dorothy

Sad, emotional, cinematic, orchestral, nostalgic, with sopran choir.

Toy Stories

A joyful music box tune, creating a positive vibe, great for kids videos and various other projects.

Little Efi's Valse

A very soft and melodic lullaby, with piano and music box. Great for background music in children videos, presentations or other projects requiring a soft atmosphere.

Full Moon Lullaby

Full Moon Lullaby is a soft lullaby theme, with some dark elements creating a mysterious and sometimes haunting atmosphere, featuring music box, piano, celeste and pads. Ideal for use in movie trailers, mystery documentaries, Halloween specials, film scores, YouTube videos or computer games.

First Look (Lullaby)

A very sweet tune with a music box and pad, a lullaby, perfect for kids videos, photo mementoes or when a soft and sentimental background music is required.

Christmas Lullaby

Christmas Lullaby is a beautiful and relaxing Christmas track. Great for many types of projects (youtube videos, movies, events, films etc.), this inspirational and reflective track features a piano, strings, and a glokenspiel.


Soft and romantic mellow acoustic track mainly comprises a lightly fingerpicked acoustic guitar accompanied by finger clicking. Positive and optimistic music.

Melancholia (emotional piano)

Melancholia (emotional piano) is a sweet, soft, slow piano track. Good for advertisements, descriptive videos and soundtracks. Instruments used: piano + a soft carpet of strings.

Soft Piano (gentle, emotional)

Relaxing and peaceful track, slow, calm and delicate. Piano, glockenspiel and some strings in the end. Very sweet, gentle. Sort of lullaby.
Yann Keerim
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