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The classic Brahms lullaby in realistic sound of a music box.

Ethereal Mother's Day Soundscape

Ethereal Mother's Day Soundscape features harp and synth and elicits a feeling of warmth and love. This clip could help in film projects, radio bits, cartoons, video games, podcasts, blogs, YouTube videos, websites, commercials, tutorials, introductions, explainer videos, advertisements, tech proje...


Soft low-fi track. A little sad, very romantic. Like a lullaby. Perfect for voice acting fashion scenes or love stories. Trip-hop elements and violins and grungy guitars give the track a unique sound.

Soothing Lullaby

Kanun is the lead instrument of this emotional track. It is perfect for use in lullabies for babies and sentimental videos. In addition to this, it may be used in relaxing videos, YouTube videos and travel videos.

Wonderful Lullaby

Using kanun as its lead instrument, this is a world music sentimental track. Relaxing and nostalgic music, perfect for baby lullabies, travel videos, documentaries, meditation scenes, cafes and chillout areas.

The Baby Song

In this emotional track, Kanun is the lead instrument. Baby lullabies and relaxing videos can benefit from it. Furthermore, it can be used in documentaries, yoga lessons, cafes, and chillout areas.

Lullaby Relaxing Ambient Piano

An emotional, inspirational and hopeful ambient piano track, great for wedding & romatic videos, documentaries, nature videos, YouTube videos, sad & sentimental videos, TV & film underscores and more!


A dark and suspenseful cinematic track with creepy melodies and ethereal sounds. Conveys danger, investigation, doom and more. Great fit for suspens, horror and spooky productions in games, films, trailers, intros and many more.

Dark Emotions Emerging

A dark, orchestral royalty free cinematic score, with an airy piano, harps, cellos, and dramatic strings. Best for horror games, intros, trailers, or intense scenes.

Lullabies of Dreams

Dreams are lullabies that could be sweeter and funnier. Dreams are amazing and gentle, playful and funny. The instruments that create the mood in this track are piano, marimba, glockenspiel, children’s percussion and silver effects boxes and various rattles. Let these dreams continue and do not en...

Kids Lullaby

The gentle, soothing and dreamy theme of the track immerses you in childhood. In dreams and peace, carelessness and tenderness. Peace, light and love come with this music. Let's create amazing projects together!

ludmila christmas

a nightmare christmas... dark, tense atmosphere suitable for horror movies

apocalypse now christmas

a nightmare christmas... dark, tense atmosphere suitable for horror movies

Wuhan christmas

a nightmare christmas... dark, tense atmosphere suitable for horror movies


relaxing lullaby for kids magic,celestial


This track has a calm, measured pace and magic! Celeste, music box and bells set the magical mood. Suitable for Christmas video, Christmas history, Christmas morning, Christmas evening, holidays, surprises and family videos, tender and children's projects, New Year videos, as well as for many beau...

A Little Christmas Tune

A cozy piano lullaby, featuring guitar and glockenspiel with a very soft and dreamy mood.

Spaghetti western lullaby

Spaghetti Western Lullaby a la Ennio Morricone, think about Sergio Leone film, The good the bad and the ugly, Once upon a time in America, Tarantino Pulp Fiction. Film, Tv, Commercials, All media. Low key, whistled melody, male vocal, heavenly choir, classic guitar, elegant nostalgic romantic. Male ...
Yann Keerim
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