Francesco Biondi

224 Tracks in library - Francesco Biondi is a Rome based composer and music producer whose works have been featured in various media projects including commercials, films, video games, mobile apps and stage performances. He is inspired by an insatiable curiosity for the whole musical universe, with the ability to span a wide range of styles and genres. Born nearby Bologna, Italy, starting with private piano studies in the early 90's and continuing with self-taught approach on composition, he learnt to autonomously count on modern technologies for music-production, providing his work with a real and contemporary sound, capable of recreating the might of a whole symphonic orchestra or the refinement of the most original ensambles in his own studio.
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Scientific Inquiry

Composer: Francesco Biondi
Tense and mysterious ambient music with gloomy tuned percussions, dark mellow piano, pad ambience and glitchy drums. Concerned, anxious mood, perfect background for suspense scenes, adventure, serious investigations, science documentaries and medical productions.

Bad News

Composer: Francesco Biondi
Background ambient music with dark, concerned mood. Questioning mallets patter, gloomy synth pads, glitchy percussions. Perfect for journalistic inquiry, science documentary and medical reports.

Uplifting Memories

Composer: Francesco Biondi
Bright and inspirational music, featuring lush strings, woodwinds and piano that create an uplifting and slightly nostalgic mood.

Corporate Profile

Composer: Francesco Biondi
Inspiring background music perfect for corporate or business related media. Positive, optimistic mood with build up structure.

Swinging Upside Down

Composer: Francesco Biondi
Grooving electro swing music track, mixing retro jazz with house dance. A modern dance-floor sound capable of retaining the energetic excitement of live brass (trumpet, trombone and clarinet) and early swing recordings. Sharp catchy themes and amazing solo improvisations.

Rushing Pizzicato

Composer: Francesco Biondi
Rythmic, urgent pizzicato strings and acoustic guitar. Quirky and inquisitive atmosphere.

Box Of Ideas

Composer: Francesco Biondi
Rythmic marimba with airy piano and subtle synth pads for this peculiar ambient track. Slighty suspended atmosphere unleashes an idea of curiosity and concentration. Perfect for documentaries, especitally related to science, medicine, education.

Secret Nature

Composer: Francesco Biondi
Building and dramatic orchestral music, with piano, swirling strings, epic horns and percussion. Passionate feeling, cinematic mood. Perfect for documentaries, films, commercials.

Beautiful Mind

Composer: Francesco Biondi
Fascinating and inspiring piece for piano and string orchestra. Ecstatic, contemplative mood. Perfect for science, technology, design or even luxury related contents (films, documentaries, commercials).

Fluid Data

Composer: Francesco Biondi
Contemporary ambient background music with chill out influences, perfect for business presentations, corporate videos, infomercial. Soft, atmospheric vibe, with warm reverberate sounds (pads, synthesizers, drum machine, piano), calm, contemplative mood.

Chinese Romance

Composer: Francesco Biondi
Tender and sentimental chinese ballad featuring instruments of chinese music tradition (gu zheng, pipa, di zi flute) piano and strings. Romantic, warm atmosphere, relaxing and inspiring mood.

Close To You

Composer: Francesco Biondi
Warm, delicate instrumental acoustic music, suggesting an atmosphere of intimacy and affection. Acoustic guitar, piano and cello.

Stay Young

Composer: Francesco Biondi
Upbeat acoustic instrumental track with fast ukulele strumming, music box melody, piano and strings. Four-on-the floor kick drums increases the lively, uplifting mood. Breezy, playful feeling.

Business In Dubai

Composer: Francesco Biondi
Downtempo instrumental track with middle eastern music influences. Cool ambient piano playing on arab scales and harmonies, atmospheric synthesizers, ethic instruments suc has oud, duduk and darbouka. Relaxed, serious mood.

Like Silk

Composer: Francesco Biondi
Cool and sophisticated jazzy lounge music with laid-back chill-out influences and soft, warm vibe. Suggesting an idea of elegance, class and refinement. Electric piano, acoustic piano, double bass, synthesizer and drums.

HIdden Beauty

Composer: Francesco Biondi
Emotional, touching piece for piano and strings. Melancholic dialogue between piano and cello, nostalgic and inspiring melody. Perfect for documentary or cinematic concepts.


Composer: Francesco Biondi
Fast driving alternative rock introduced by rolling tom-tom fills. Featuring aggressive electric guitars, syncopated drums and hot electric organ pads.


Composer: Francesco Biondi
Uptempo jazzy blues with groovy tom tom percussions and drums. Crescendo structure with new instruments joining the song one by one: double bass, piano, hand clap, electric guitar, hammond organ, sax, trumpet.

Feel Lucky

Composer: Francesco Biondi
Upbeat acoustic instrumental track with catchy whistling melody. Guitar, drums, hand clapping, bass with positive, playful mood.

Easy Jazz

Composer: Francesco Biondi
Bright and light jazz instrumental track with piano and double bass. Easy listening vibe, buy any and cheerful mood. Elegant loungy background atmosphere.

Prepare For Mission

Composer: Francesco Biondi
Thrilling cinematic track for action, suspense scenes. With gloomy atmospheric sound effects and soundscape and edgy synths. Anxious, dangerous mood.
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