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Francesco Biondi is a Rome based composer and music producer whose works have been featured in various media projects including commercials, films, video games, mobile apps and stage performances. He is inspired by an insatiable curiosity for the whole musical universe, with the ability to span a wide range of styles and genres. Born nearby Bologna, Italy, starting with private piano studies in the early 90's and continuing with self-taught approach on composition, he learnt to autonomously count on modern technologies for music-production, providing his work with a real and contemporary sound, capable of recreating the might of a whole symphonic orchestra or the refinement of the most original ensambles in his own studio.

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New York Jazz

Stylish big band track with a cool Broadway jazz sound. Featuring brass section, groovy drums, sax solos and piano. Elegant and classy mood, perfect for theaters, tv shows, red carpet events, hotel presentations and luxury related productions.

Kids Games

Playful and bouncy children's music with breezy, carefree mood. Toy-like instruments like mallets, ukulele, tuba, trombone and mouth whistle. Perfect for family oriented products, pet related campaigns, videogames and kids apps.

Luxury Dream

Elegant and flowing, featuring piano and orchestra. Suspended contemplative atmosphere, with a dreamy ethereal mood. Perfect for visual arts concepts, luxury and beauty related commercials, films and documentaries.

Free Spirit

Upbeat background music with confident and uplifting country-rock on-the-road vibe. Clean electric guitars, fingerpicked and strumming acoustic guitars, steady drums beat.

Corporate Explainer Presentation

Uplifting and inspiring background music for corporate presentations with perfect structure for explainer videos: soft piano introduction, energetic orchestral main part, suspended and floating brake, orchestral reprise, piano ending arpeggio for logo reveal. Confident, optimistic mood.

Challenging Strategy

Electro ambient corporate music, suggesting a forward thinking, ambitious, competitive approach. Fast bouncy tempo, airy pads and echoing synthesizers creating a futuristic, technology-oriented atmosphere. Perfect for science, business presentations, stock market news.

Symphony Of Asia

Passionate Asian ethno music with Chinese influences, featuring traditional instruments like pipa, guzheng, flutes mixed with classical string orchestra and electro drum kit. Majestic sound, inspirational and poignant mood. Perfect for travel videos, documentaries and films.

Barbershop Doo-Wop

Bright and nostalgic song in the style of 1950's barbershop acapellas and doo-wop music. Sweet vocal harmonies on retro rock'n'roll groove performed by guitar, piano and drums, bringing back memories of high school romances and vintage images.

Clever Soltions

Enlightening, uplifting orchestral music with a breezy, lively mood. Bright pizzicato strings from a small chamber orchestral ensamble, delicate piano melodies and light pattering cymbals. Truly inspirational track fits perfectly in tv productions, documentaries, films and corporate videos. Fast tem...

Halloween Masquerade

Spooky horror orchestral music perfect for Halloween specials, commercials, amusement parks, parties, intros and promos. Sinister vibe with a steady slow tempo, featuring goosebumps instruments like eerie music-box, scary harpsichord, ghost-like synth, trembling soprano voice, for a perfect grotesqu...

Spooky Halloween Waltz

Spooky Halloween music theme with mysterious music-box, strings tremolos, ghost-like theremin melody, skeletal harpsichord to create a sinister and haunted mood. Perfect for Halloween specials, cinematic promos, amusement parks and commercials.

Danse Macabre

Original horror music theme with some kind of quirky, ironic vibe. Odd harpsichord pizzicato, gloomy sounds of bass clarinet, celeste, phantasmagorical synth pads, the mysterious vocalizes of a soprano and choir create altogether a creepy yet grotesque atmosphere.

Dark Winter

Eerie orchestral cinematic track perfect for halloween related productions. The swirling strings' staccato, together with the persistent and anxious chords trembling by the piano and with the choir-like pad, contribute to a gloomy, creepy horror atmosphere.
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