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Francesco Biondi is a Rome based composer and music producer whose works have been featured in various media projects including commercials, films, video games, mobile apps and stage performances. He is inspired by an insatiable curiosity for the whole musical universe, with the ability to span a wide range of styles and genres. Born nearby Bologna, Italy, starting with private piano studies in the early 90's and continuing with self-taught approach on composition, he learnt to autonomously count on modern technologies for music-production, providing his work with a real and contemporary sound, capable of recreating the might of a whole symphonic orchestra or the refinement of the most original ensambles in his own studio.
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Killer Jazz

Rampant, exuberant big band swing track bringing all the majesty of Hollywood musicals back. Powerful brass and rhythm sections, great solo improvisations, pure jazzy retro sound for this freaky track that will make you want to dance.

French Lovers

A charming, melodious accordion waltz with strings, soft brush drums and double bass, creating the perfect soundtrack for a romantic walk, in the style of french folk music. Tender, loving mood, makes you daydream about the allure of Paris or little towns and europeans panoramas.

Pirate Adventures

A majestic and dramatic orchestral score in the style of epic wars and pirate adventures film soundtracks. Intimidating marching drums and percussions, grandiose string and horn sections make this music perfect for fantasy and action films, tv series or historical documentaries.


Pizzicato strings and marimba pattern introduce this curious and reflective track. Suggesting the idea of time passing and questioning situations. Suspended and evaluating atmosphere. Perfect for explainer videos, quizzing moments, news, science and educational reports.

Invent The Future

Inspiring dramatic orchestral track, with a deep reflective and ecstatic mood. The music moves on enchanting and illuminating chords unleashing an hopeful contemplative atmosphere. Perfect for science videos and visual arts, luxury related commercials, documentaries and films.

Quirky Curious Background

A quirky and playful background music based on marimba patterns and pizzicato strings, with funny themes played by clarinet and celeste suggesting a sense of curiosity and extravagance. A common music style often used in tv programs and documentaries for inquisitive or bizzarre situations.

Pump That Swing

Eccentric dancing electro swing with a catchy retro sound consisting of jazz instruments like manouche guitar, clarinet, trombone and trumpet. Steady electro dance beat and vinyl scratching. Perfect for burlesque and fashion related concepts, comedy sketches, and old fashioned situations.

Good Old Times

A festive folk instrumental music with a nostalgic yet uplifting feeling. A beautiful melody theme performed by string orchestra, clarinet and accordion evokes the atmospheres of old movies, especially italian or french comedies of the 60s, and bucolic traditions.

Inspiring Beauty

Intricate, flowing, elegant piano and strings with a thoughtful and subtly inspiring mood. Evocative atmosphere perfect for documentaries, visual arts projects, science and design related productions.

Streets Of Bombay

Bright indian music with traditional ethnic instruments (sitar, bansuri, tanpura, tabla, veena) playing on a cool funky groove. With influences from Bombay bhangra music the track has a cool contemporary sound and it's perfect for documentaries, travel vlogs, commercials and film cues.

Sexy Blues

Sexy blues performed by saxophone, piano, drums, trumpet, trombone and double bass. With its charming and laid-back atmosphere the tracks fits perfectly for sensual seduction scenes, burlesque or striptease.


Glittering nu-disco instrumental track with catchy drums, sharp synthesizers riffs and groovy bass.With its very cool and glamourous vibe, this track is perfect for lively scenes, extreme sport footage and sparkling editing.

Puzzling Discoveries

Evocative, charming pizzicato strings and floating piano melody with a nostalgic yet quirky and peculiar mood. Suggesting mystery and curiosity, this music is perfect for documentaries, cinematic scenes or videos with an artistic vision.

Urban Elegance

Cool and elegant deep house track with a contemporary sound made of ethereal pads, melodic synths, catchy beat. Perfect for business presentation especially when related to fashion and luxury market, slideshows, youtube videos, video blogs.

Chambers Of Secrets

Refined, evocative chamber orchestra music track with pizzicato strings, tuned percussions, piano and brushed drums. Curious, seductive theme suggesting mystery or a sneaky furtive action. Perfect for documentaries, visual arts videos, films and dramas.

Mechanics Of Nature

Inspiring future chill instrumental track with sharp glitchy drums, plucking synthesizers, cinematic strings and dreamy soundscape. A contemporary sound which perfectly relates to technology, science or business themes. Use it in corporate promo videos and slideshows.

Come To Life

Charming and evocative orchestral music with a subtle, gentle sound. Ecstatic, contemplative mood with a slight melancholy air. Perfect for art, nature, technology, design or even luxury related contents (films, documentaries, commercials).

Research And Innovation

Captivating and inspiring background music with electro ambient influences. Contemplative, reflective mood suggesting concentration and attention. Featuring synthesizer sounds, pads, organ, acoustic guitar and subtle drum kit. Perfect for youtube clips, business or corporate presentations, science a...

Heart Of Africa

Cheerful african folk music with rhythmic percussions and mallets patterns, acoustic guitars and nice, positive tribal choir. With its joyful, bright mood, this track is perfect for travel blogging videos, documentaries and Africa-related media productions.

Power Of Imagination

Passionate and engaging orchestral music score with a strong motivational air and feel of inspiration. Strings, brass section, booming percussions and wonderful cinematic piano for this epic soundtrack.

Reggaeton Latino

Sensual reggaeton pop track with a mellow, dancing beat. Flamenco guitars, plucking synths, vocal chops, accordion and slow bouncy groove. A latin summer mood track with contemporary sound perfect for your productions.
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