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Francesco Biondi is a Rome based composer and music producer whose works have been featured in various media projects including commercials, films, video games, mobile apps and stage performances. He is inspired by an insatiable curiosity for the whole musical universe, with the ability to span a wide range of styles and genres. Born nearby Bologna, Italy, starting with private piano studies in the early 90's and continuing with self-taught approach on composition, he learnt to autonomously count on modern technologies for music-production, providing his work with a real and contemporary sound, capable of recreating the might of a whole symphonic orchestra or the refinement of the most original ensambles in his own studio.

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High Tech Design

Composer: Francesco Biondi
A chillwave electro instrumental track with a glitchy ambient sound, intricate beat and inspirational mood. This synthwave future music works perfectly with slideshow, science, technology, design videos.

Synthwave Technology

Composer: Francesco Biondi
Dark synthwave instrumental track with cool, retro electro vibe and energetic drum beat. While recalling 80's music atmospheres this chillwave track has a powerful contemporary sound perfect for emphasising concepts like innovation, technology, design and future.

Upbeat Corporate Science

Composer: Francesco Biondi
Focused corporate track perfect as background music for business videos relating to science, technology, news and industry. Confident mood with warm spacious pads, echoing synths and steady drum kit rhythm.

Warm Sentimental Acoustic

Composer: Francesco Biondi
Gentle and slightly nostalgic acoustic folk track suggesting the intimacy of home and positive memories. The track futures acoustic guitars, piano, electric piano, strings, cello and percussions, played with a really soft touch. Perfect for commercials, slideshows, real estate presentations.

Uplifting Classical Orchestral

Composer: Francesco Biondi
Lively inspiring piece for strings and piano. Airy piano melody over sharp strings staccato. Perfect for documentaries, tv productions and emotional moments.

Find Your Motivation

Composer: Francesco Biondi
Upbeat and inspirational light rock instrumental track introduced by airy strings staccato. Positive, motivational mood perfect for catchy presentations, suggestive footage, drone videos and optimistic concepts.

Tropical Chill

Composer: Francesco Biondi
A breezy inspiring tropical-chill track with warm synth, pads and funky guitars, laid-back tempo. Cool, relaxing atmosphere perfect for elegant presentations, travel vlogs, captivating footage.

Inspiring Acoustic Folk

Composer: Francesco Biondi
Warm and bright acoustic folk with a confident and positive mood. Acoustic guitars, strings, percussions and piano. Perfect for family related clips, sunny footage, uplifting context.


Composer: Francesco Biondi
Lively future pop track with an exuberant, energetic sound. Uptempo drums, funky guitars, playful vocal chops and atmospheric pads and synths. Perfect background music for stylish dynamic sequences: sport, fun or fashion.

Travel Blogger

Composer: Francesco Biondi
Inspiring future-pop music track with a warm, contempoary EDM sound. Laid-back tempo, cool acoustic guitar, playful vocal chops, atmospheric pads and synths make this track perfect for suggestive videos, especially those relating to summer, vacations or travels.

Best Memories

Composer: Francesco Biondi
Fresh and bright acoustic instrumental track with a high-spirited, uplifting mood. Uptempo rhythm featuring guitars, strings, piano and drums. With its folk sound the track suggests positive emotions, domestic feelings, and it's perfect for family related campaigns, playful and heartfelt scenes.

Little Italy

Composer: Francesco Biondi
Funny and playful italian tarantella (a typical folk dance of Southern Italy, very popular in areas like Sicily and Naples). A traditional band composed by guitars, piano, accordion and clarinet plays on a fast tempo and creates a festive atmospere. Perfect for media focusing on italian culture and ...
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