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Francesco Biondi is a Rome based composer and music producer whose works have been featured in various media projects including commercials, films, video games, mobile apps and stage performances. He is inspired by an insatiable curiosity for the whole musical universe, with the ability to span a wide range of styles and genres. Born nearby Bologna, Italy, starting with private piano studies in the early 90's and continuing with self-taught approach on composition, he learnt to autonomously count on modern technologies for music-production, providing his work with a real and contemporary sound, capable of recreating the might of a whole symphonic orchestra or the refinement of the most original ensambles in his own studio.

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Cowboy Spirit

Composer: Francesco Biondi
Tough, badass country blues with acoustic and slide guitars, accordion, harmonica and percussions. Cool wild west atmosphere, suggesting an adventure or western spirit situation.

Burlesque Revival

Composer: Francesco Biondi
Quirky electro swing track with influences from eastern european folk music: featuring piano, accordion, acoustic guitar and backing vocals on a cool, groovy dance beat. Peculiar and slightly humorous mood, with a mix of retro and contemporary sound.


Composer: Francesco Biondi
Slow and hypnotic ambient piece for piano with ethereal pads in the background. Drums and string orchestra entering in the second part. Contemplative, hopeful mood. Warm, mellow acoustic sound.

Sparks Of Genius

Composer: Francesco Biondi
An evocative piece of music for piano and chamber orchestra. Swirling piano arpeggios, edgy cello spiccatos, bright strings and magic sound of celesta creating a vivid sensation of inspiration and curiosity. A suggestive soundtrack perfect for documentaries, films, time lapses or commercials.


Composer: Francesco Biondi
Electro acoustic chill-out music with piano and nylon guitar arpeggios, pads, synthesizers and drum kit. Airy, breezy atmosphere, a background music perfect for documentaries, travel related videos and time lapses.


Composer: Francesco Biondi
Upbeat folk acoustic track with indie pop influences. Ukulele, acoustic and electric guitars, percussions, electric piano create together a playful, carefree mood. Perfect for family related videos, travel vlogs and commercials.

When I Grow Up

Composer: Francesco Biondi
Upbeat folk acoustic track with indie pop influences. Ukulele, acoustic and electric slide guitars, percussions, electric piano contribute together to a playful, carefree mood.

Delhi Affair

Composer: Francesco Biondi
Evocative indian music with influences of bhangra music and modern hip hop sound. Featuring traditional instruments such as sitar, tampura, tablas, this music has a real exotic and perturbing sound, with cinematic and mysterious atmospheres.


Composer: Francesco Biondi
Tribal ethnic instrumental music track. Suggesting a wildlife atmosphere (Amazon Rainforest, or African and Asian jungle), perfect for documentaries, adventure films, video games or travel blogs.

Final Combat

Composer: Francesco Biondi
Powerful and aggressive cinematic music mixing orchestral sounds and hard rock instruments (electric guitar, drums and bass guitar). Action movie atmosphere, expressing a critical, threatening disposition.

Pizza e Tarantella

Composer: Francesco Biondi
A traditional folk dance from Southern Italy: Tarantella. Consisting of traditional instruments such as nylon guitar, mouth harp, mandolin and accordion, this original Tarantella features also human whistling playing the main theme. Perfect for videos relating to mediterranean culture and italian cu...
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