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A moment of reflection in the madness of life. The feeling of solitude, of calm and mindfulness. Think of gentle rain dropping off the leaves, staring out of the window on long, wet journeys. Think of the past, and smile because you still have the joy of the future. Single plucked nylon-esque gui...

Solitude (Emotional Guitar and Cello)

A very emotional track, with a melancholic cello melody and a background guitar, creating a very romantic and sentimental atmosphere.

Emotional Solitude Piano Background

Instrumental music made for piano solo. The style is Soundtrack Background music and the mood is sentimental and calm. The music is very expressive and is a perfect background for intimacy and emotional calm scenes in advertising, films, tv series, documentaries and other media projects with similar...

Sweet Sadness

Sweet Sadness is a cinematic, beautiful, melancholic yet hopeful, piano solo track.


Elegant and melodic piano opening followed by delicate fingerpicked acoustic guitar. Builds with pads and male vocals, creating a sense of warmth and beauty. Perfect background music for adverts, commercials, TV, YouTube videos, short films, movies, documentaries and more. Available versions (as p...

Spectral Solitude

An instrumental ambient track with a very soft mood and an astral atmosphere. Perfect for video background or any kind of video art.

Piano Waltz of the Desolation

Instrumental music made for piano solo. The style is a classical waltz and the mood is sad and poignant. The music, although has a very relaxed touch, is plenty of expressiveness and depicts a very sentimental situation. This music fits perfect in films, tv series, podcasts etc. with mourning, refle...

Melancholic Sentimental Piano Solo

Instrumental piano composition. The music is very calm and relaxed, and the rhythm is quite slow. The style is very near to classical and romantic from 1800. The mood is melancholic and sentimental and the play has a lot of dynamism and expressiveness. This music fits very well on emotional scenes o...

HIdden Beauty

Emotional, touching piece for piano and strings. Melancholic dialogue between piano and cello, nostalgic and inspiring melody. Perfect for documentary or cinematic concepts.

Solitude Piano

Sad, melancholic piano solo music suggesting depression and solitude. State of nostalgic contemplation. Documentary, dramatic film mood.

Castles In The Air

Sad piano piece full of emotion and melancholy. Soft, dreamy and passionate; great for films, documentaries or trailers.

Water Flowing

Poignant piano solo piece of music with nostalgic, sad feeling. Suffered execution, evocative atmosphere.

Slow Emotional Piano

Subtle, delicate piano music with positive mood. Nostalgic yet optimistic and serene.
Yann Keerim
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