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EGProductions brings us everything from Orchestral and Dramatic soundtracks to Jazz, Lounge, Pop, Corporate, and World music. From upbeat and motivational to edgy and cinematic, this catalog is perfect for TV, radio, advertisements, corporate videos, video games, websites, and many other commercial projects.

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Composer: Esther García
Emotional score with acoustic piano solo. This romantic track creates a relaxing ambiance perfect for cinematic projects, meditations, and creative videos.

Ancient Forest

Composer: Esther García
Emotional Celtic score featuring ethnic flute, delicate harp and underlying strings. Eminently suitable for documentaries, nature videos or cinematic projects.

An Epic Adventure

Composer: Esther García
Powerful and playful orchestral score featuring dynamic brass and rhythmic strings. Full of life and energy, this music is perfect for pirate films, epic trailers and adventure movies.

Always in my Heart

Composer: Esther García
Emotional, romantic score featuring melodic strings, acoustic piano, and a beautiful female voice. Elegant, inspiring and sweet, perfect for films, wedding videos, documentaries, and background music.

Abdelazer Suite - Purcell

Composer: Esther García
Emotional Suite with romantic strings written by Henry Purcell. This baroque rondo is a good choice for classic films, drama, and romance.

Air Elements

Composer: Esther García
Atmospheric composition featuring soft synths, pulsing percussion and children vocals. Eminently suitable for relaxing videos and meditations.

Age of Challenges

Composer: Esther García
Powerful cinematic score in Hollywood style featuring imposing brass, melodic violin, and bells. Great for trailers, epic movies, and fantasy videos.

A Wonderful Story

Composer: Esther García
Magical, inspiring orchestral score featuring melodic violins and children's choir; an emotional composition perfect for Christmas, kids and fantasy videos.

A Happy Moment

Composer: Esther García
Upbeat, uplifting tune featuring funny ukulele, whistles, and percussion. This happy track creates a highly positive ambiance perfect for inspiring videos, commercials or advertising.

A Thousand Years

Composer: Esther García
Epic cinematic score featuring rhythmic strings and imposing brass. Great for presentations, trailers, advertising or corporate videos.

A Short Story

Composer: Esther García
Emotional folk composition featuring melodic violins and rhythmic synthesizers. This elegant track creates a romantic ambiance perfect for wedding videos, cinematic projects or documentaries.

A Beautiful Day

Composer: Esther García
Emotional piano composition that creates a highly positive ambiance. Eminently suitable for presentations, wedding videos or advertising.

About Life

Composer: Esther García
Emotional composition featuring a beautiful, romantic violin and underlying strings. Perfect for trailers, drama, and romance.

57 Seconds

Composer: Esther Garcia
Modern corporate track featuring soft synths and electronic percussion. Eminently suitable for presentations, business, advertising, and brands.

19 Ways to Travel Around the World

Composer: Esther García
Upbeat world track featuring ethnic and traditional percussion, rhythmic strings and melodic woodwinds. Good choice for documentaries and nature videos.

Building Dreams

Composer: EGProductions
Emotional composition full of fantasy and beauty, featuring rhythmic strings, acoustic piano, and woodwinds. Great for trailers, advertising, presentations or cinematic projects.
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