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Quirky Pizzicato

It's a quirky, evocative track with violin, viola, cello, double bass, and bells as featured instrument. Perfect for commercials, TV shows, movie trailers and any project which requires high quality playful background.

Melodic Orchestral Christmas [PACK]

An uplifting and cheerful Christmas track featuring orchestral instruments such as violin, viola, cello, harp, sleigh bells, and flute. It is excellent background music for commercials, advertisements, Youtube videos, smartphone apps, and more.

Epic Orchestral

A powerful orchestral track featuring dynamic melodies and harmonies performed by a classical orchestra. It is great background music for movies, TV shows, video games, films, and more.

Quirky and Spooky

An eccentric classical Halloween track featuring strings like violin, viola, cello, bass, and woodwinds like piccolo, bassoon, flute, and clarinet. It is perfect background music for movies, cartoons, TV shows, video games, commercials, advertisements, and more.

Neo Classical Tension Cue

Realistic suspenseful background track consisting of cello, violin, viola, piano and contrabass.

Memories of You

A soft, calm and melancholic viola melody, with guitar and strings background, creating a very strong and sentimental atmosphere. Great for background music in romantic scenes, presentations, short films and various other projects requiring tranquil and ambient music.

Sentimental and Hopeful

An inspiring and emotional cinematic track featuring a melodic string quartet, a piano, and dynamic percussion. It can be used in films, TV shows, documentaries, video games, and more.

Empire of sun

A powerful, inspiring cinematic epic rock with ethnic colors, featuring powerful drums, cinematic strings and brass, solo duduk, solo viola, pads, distorted sunth, risers and wind effects. Music of incredible quality creates unique atmospherer for your projects: cinema trailers, soundtracks, teasers...

Fiery Tango

A passionate and melodic Tango track that features a string quartet, an acoustic guitar, a trumpet, and percussion. It is great for movies, films, documentaries, advertisements, commercials, and more.

Corporate Background Acoustic

Easy and optimistic track in which sound; Acoustic guitar, light pop drums, violas, soft pads, piano, tone synthesizers that create a positive and independent feeling of the present and future

Black Cello

A dark classical ensemble that features an intense cello, violin, viola, and powerful percussion. It is perfect for movies, films, video games, commercials, and advertisements.

inquisizione [PACK]

A modern classical music genre derived from a large number of musical genres (in this case orchestral). These are productions that generate strong feelings that can range from euphoria to drama or even joy to terror. Orchestral soundtracks,string ensembles.
Yann Keerim
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