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Sad Orchestral - Loop Version

This sad and emotional royalty free music track is perfect for drama movies, cinematic films, trailers, documentaries, inspiring commercials, hollywood movie themes and short film cinematic projects. Thanks for listening and purchasing.

Something Peculiar

Very classical symphonic adventure track. Opens rather eery and mysterious but evolving with sparse orchestration and string arrangement into a full beautiful instrumental track. Mid part more playful, higher and brighter through interesting runs in the strings and woodwinds, accompanied by brass an...

Tension dramatic orchestral instrumental

I present to you a rich dramatic composition with mandolins, violins, violas, bass, pad, deep piano, drums and different percussions, creating a strong disturbing atmosphere and a sad mood. This composition is combined with the opener of tension, drama and mystery films, documentaries and movies wit...

Epic Teaser - Loop Version

Powerful orchestral background soundtrack. Perfect for intros, trailers, teasers, promos, advertising, presentations, motivational videos. Suitable for youtube videos, tv, promotions, viral marketing, games, applications, visuals and sports motivation. Thanks for listening and purchasing.

Christmas Gift (Pop Romantic)

Cinematic, uplifting, fantasy, fun, Christmas, romantic, childlike track, featuring sleigh bell, piano, acoustic guitar, piano, clap, strings, cello, violin, viola, xylophone, and human chorus as a sound effect. The fun, uplifting, and happy repetitive melody evokes the mood of children waiting for ...
Yann Keerim
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