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Guajiras a Tres (Flamenco)

Fiery and passionate flamenco instrumental with the traditional sound of 2 Spanish guitars and hand clapping. Romantic, valiant and melodic. This track, being slightly over-the-top, could also be (and has been) used to underscore comedy. Instrumental, Latin, Flamenco

Edgy Contingency

Hold on to the edge with this contemporary strings, piano, and percussion piece! Featuring tense solo violin and cello, coupled with piercing orchestral strings and raw percussive elements. Useful in suspenseful documentaries and trailers with building tension.

Brazilian Wave (Latin)

A latin pop feel, tongue in cheek. Has an up tempo driving groove. Images of holiday and a fun vacation are in mind here, or even a sunshine cruise. Also has a comical Bingo hall vibe. Animations and childrens shows. Intro sweet funny happy innocent upbeat energetic sunny times, Instrumental, Latin,...


Reggaeton EDM style with a tropical feel. Synth plucks and spanish grooves great for working out or club, vacation scenes. Summer vibes

Horseback Pimp

Hip hop and Spaghetti Western mashup with chants, drony guitars, flute, jaw harp, and big room drums. Suitable for modern urban programming with a western theme or motif

Fistfull Of Gangstas

Epic, cinematic spaghetti western style hiphop hybrid track with acoustic guitars, drums, and orchestral elements with a climactic and dramatic trailer vibe. Great for film score, soundtrack, and modern wild west content.

Bumper To Bumper

Fun Energetic Pop EDM track with funky bass grooves, synth leads, and vocal heys. Kpop vibes great for club, beach, summer scenes and nightlife source music

Blues Reflux

EDM Blues hybrid with a melbourne bounce groove. Blues guitar as lead accompanied with a four on the floor kick and synth keys and pads. Perfect for commercials with social themes and for TV/Film

Blues Bounce

EDM Blues hybrid with a melbourne bounce groove. Blues guitar as lead accompanied with a four on the floor kick and synth keys and pads. Perfect for commercials with social themes and for TV/Film

Adventurous Spirit

An inspiring, energizing and uplifting background track perfect to set an optimistic and motivational mood. Suitable for uplifting and inspiring projects, including corporate presentations, YouTube videos, tutorials, slideshows, montages, openers, business videos, science and technology projects, li...

A highly relaxing Chill Soulful track

A highly relaxing Chill Soulful track in R&B/Hip Hop style, with a touch of melancholy and anticipation. It evokes feelings of deep contemplation and rest. Featuring soft sounding instruments and driving drums It is very suited background music in lounges, shops, restaurants, elevators and lifts

Adventurous music with a catchy dramatic orchestral melodies

Adventurous music with a catchy dramatic orchestral melodies. This cinematic music track could be used for movie trailers, video games, adventure stories, historical films, theme parks, advertisement, fantasy, presentations, intros and superheroes.

Uplifting Instumental Indie Rock

Uplifting Instumental Indie Rock with Electric Guitars, Bass & Drums. Suitable for a variety of uses including Presentations, Television & Film Soundtrack, Documentary, Online/Web Advert, TV Advertising, Conference, Slide Show, Radio Advert, Drama, Comedy, Reality Show, Infomercial, Background Music...

Conquerors of the Seas

Epic maritime orchestral track. Triumphant brass, strings and heavy percussion creating a maritime epic film theme. Perfect to use in your film, game or other production in need of Adventure or pirate music.

Operation Suspense

A dark suspenseful action track driven onward by heavy hitting percussion, the sound of menacing cello's and horns.

Train To The Old Wild West

Spaghetti western orchestral theme with all the elements of the genre: strumming acoustic guitars, passionate Opera choirs, symphonic orchestra, vibrating blues harmonica, tubular bells, mouth harp and percussions. Adventure, epic mood with the idea of open spaces and cinematic scenarios: right sou...

Ragnarök - Epic Viking Action

A powerful and intense track with an ancient and tribal vibe featuring viking vocals, nordic instruments such as the tagelharpa or the jaw harp and bombastic war percussions. Great fit for history and period documentaries, video games, trailers and fantasy projects. Themes : war, action, tribal cul...
Yann Keerim
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