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Retro Dancing Jazz

Mixture of old and modern sounds with jazzy clarinets and brass playing over a groovy electro beat. Main theme is filtered with an old spoilt vinyl effect at the beginning, and it alternates with trumpet solo (0:48), ragtime piano (1:27) and manouche guitar solo (1:38). Electro swing music perfect f...

CARNIVAL PSYCHIC (Orchestral Circus)

Orchestral scary circus music with lush arrangement for cartoons or scary fun scenes.

NEW ORLEANS (Dixieland Jazz)

Funny dynamic slapstick dixieland jazz with combo, brass, xylophone. Great for funny social videos, animations or Adv.

Pump That Swing

Eccentric dancing electro swing with a catchy retro sound consisting of jazz instruments like manouche guitar, clarinet, trombone and trumpet. Steady electro dance beat and vinyl scratching. Perfect for burlesque and fashion related concepts, comedy sketches, and old fashioned situations.

Swinging Upside Down

Grooving electro swing music track, mixing retro jazz with house dance. A modern dance-floor sound capable of retaining the energetic excitement of live brass (trumpet, trombone and clarinet) and early swing recordings. Sharp catchy themes and amazing solo improvisations.

We Trance

Fast forward to year 3000, where Artificial Intelligence is in charge of the whole Galaxy, they communicate freely and call the shots. WARNING: Humans, do not try to disobey authority or its laser will exterminate you. I repeat, DO NOT try to rebel. A smooth version of European trance music with a b...

Sunset Strip go go swing

LA Sunset Strip Swing. Vibes and piano take the lead, Big band. Lots of trumpets and bones. The strip, hotels, entertainment, glamorous people, gambling, blackjack, poker, slots, roulette, rolling the dice, shows, tuxedos, limos, Neon lights, Jewelry, Glitter, Showgirls, Sin, Booze Strip joints Burl...
Yann Keerim
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