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Creepy Orchestra

A classical track perfect for your video game, cinematic and Halloween projects, whenever you’re in need of a spooky and suspenseful music. Its mysterious and tense orchestral sounds will keep your audience on the edge of their seats!

Spooky Halloween Waltz

Spooky Halloween music theme with mysterious music-box, strings tremolos, ghost-like theremin melody, skeletal harpsichord to create a sinister and haunted mood. Perfect for Halloween specials, cinematic promos, amusement parks and commercials.

Horror Futuristic Ambient Atmosphere

Dark eerie futuristic horror atmospheric soundscape. Perfect to use as background track in a game or other horror or tension oriented production.

Skeleton Shuffle (Creepy Halloween)

A piece that's only a little scary and doesn't take itself too seriously, so perfectly matches the spirit of Halloween! It comes in 3 project ready edits and works well with trick or treat videos, spooky kids dress up parties and more. Great for use as trailer music for spooky cartoons, mystery docu...

Ghostly city (Mystical suspense background)

Mystical background music with a heavy dark atmosphere and an anxious mood. Combined with mystical, creepy, disturbing videos, suspense, horror, etc.

Gallows Hill

A stylish modern drama/horror score with minimalist strings, synth and Tibetan bowls. A great tense scene setter with plenty of room for edits.
Yann Keerim
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