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Future Bass pulsing synths and a catchy synth lead start out the track. Small synth sparkles keep your ears on attention. Big kick and big bass wobble for your chest. Medium Slow Tempo of 87 BPM Simliar artists: King Princess, Dua Lipa, Billie Eilish, Justin Bieber, Halsey, Taylor Swift, Ellie Gou...

Ambient Lounge Atmospheric Dream Inspire

Hello) Wide dreamy background track. The atmosphere of this track is inspiring. Instruments: Basse, Drums, Clap, Piano, Synth, Sine, FX Key - G. Tempo: 68BPM. If you want more science: please stay in my Portfolio, or let me know. I hope you enjoy this track and find it useful for your...

Epical Inspire Trailer

“Epical Inspiration” is a motivational, cinematic uplifting piece of orchestral, royalty free music designed for use in film, television, trailers, commercials, countdowns, new year videos and so much more and it is an instantly recognisable mood setting piece of music introduced with a piano an...

Upbeat Chic Fashion Funky

Hello) Rhythmic atmospheric track. The original e-piano sound allows you to immediately recognize the track. Energetic bass and drums create a unique groove. Instruments: Basse, Drums, Piano, Bells, FX, Guitar, Synth, Organ, Electric Piano. For greater flexibility I added a four loop. 01_Upbeat_C...

Happy Romantic Story

Romantic, inspiring atmosphere. In this third I used cinematic and corporate elements - melody, chords, reef. Rhythmic viola provides movement and energy. An air piano, long violins and a gentle flute create a feeling of happiness. Powerful bass and drums add grandeur. The track is perfect for slid...

Inspiration Love Story

Inspirational, happy and joyful track. Instrumens: Cinematic orchestra, guitar, synth, cinematic FX, drops. You can easily add voice-over (narrator voice), so that the mid channel track has a place for him. At the same time, I took care of mono compatibility. This track will sound good on any devic...

In The Limelight (Uplifting Upbeat Inspiration)

In The Limelight (Uplifting Upbeat Inspiration) is a catchy, stylish and energetic music track in the electropop style. It inspires you to move, dance and clap your hands with its feel-good attitude, It features a piano motif, bass guitar, retro synths that fill the room with ambience and memorable ...

Motivational Ambient Corporate

These mellow and inspirational tunes will get you in a mood and will help your video to really shine. Get the attention for your project that you deserve. Sounds like: motivational, inspiring, beautiful, positive, warm, uplifting corporate instrumental music, music that can be heard and used in var...

Funky Logo

Funky Logo is a cool and groovy logo track with a funky drum beat and bass guitar, a stylish mute guitar and choppy guitar chords. Ideal for radio talk show intro, logo, logotype, commercial, advertising, radio, TV, product promotion, series, scene transition, movie, marketing, car ad, daily vlogs, ...

Digital Technology Promo

Inspiring and motivational technological track that grabs your attention. It is upbeat and uplifting so it is perfect for commercials, promos, advertisements, technology previews, presentations, timelapse videos, documentaries, youtube videos and more.

Halloween Is Weirdly Fun

Quirky and fun Halloween theme to use in your commercial or other production. The combination of harpsichord, xylophone, finger snaps and other strange sounds make up this typical wacky theme that can draw people’s attention.

To Hell And Back (Cinematic Epic Vocal Trailer Music)

There are not many music tracks that grab attention from the beginning and last it for the end. However, this track is specifically created to satisfy your audience in that manner and give them goosebumps while building up to a powerful ending note. Potential use cases; epic movie trailer, film and...

Future Upbeat Action Rock

This is the Rock of the future. We have mixed classic and modern styles to make this track. There are also dirty riffs and elements of future bass, blues notes and hip hop loops. Changing the balance in the chorus will draw attention to your work. Such a track just begs for use in advertising. For c...

Corporate Calm Background

Motivational calm track featuring synth and acoustic elements providing the perfect tone for your corporate video, commercial or presentation. The track introduces new elements as it evolves without drawing too much attention so that it leaves room for other elements such as narration.

Reach Beyond Your Limits

Motivate, inspire, and captivate your audience with this cheerful upbeat track. Inspirational and melodic piano, strings, and guitars with a positive driving beat to kick start your project in the right direction. With exciting climaxes and hey voice chants this track will get the attention you...
Yann Keerim
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