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Perfect for advertisement with the image of playing with toys, picnic scene, lively projects, etc. It is a lovely, cute, fancy, happy, bright, enjoyable, playful, cheerful song. The main instruments are whistling, bell, acoustic guitar, clap and toys.

Everyday Stillness

A peaceful instrumental featuring a calm piano and strings suitable for relaxation and reflections. Would work well in a film / tv scene that requires contemplative, melancholic, deep thought, somber type of music.

Lockdown Party [PACK]

Electronic Modern Progressive Fashion House Music track for commercials, Instagram stories, cafe music, casino music, TV, Radio, YouTube, Fashion Show, presentations, art action or background music for advertising videos, action film trailers, sports games, and also good for everyday listening.

Everyday Heroes

Catchy and inspiring track in EDM style. Perfect for videos with a motivational and inspiring storytelling.

Neutral Nihilist

Trivia and Information type cue with harmonic guitars and pads. Neutral, spacey vibe fit for narration, fun facts, technology and information based corporate videos

Life Matters

Inspirational piano underscore track, Key of A Major, emotional slice of life vibe, uplifting and motivational. Great for commercials and ads, emotional content, and corporate programming

Indie Pop

Powerful, energetic pop rock with electric guitars and vocal accents.

Kids Lovely Whistle Ukulele (Advertising) [PACK]

It is a lovely, cute, fancy, happy, bright, enjoyable, playful, cheerful song with whistle and ukulele. Perfect for happy kids projects, scene playing with toys, educational programs for young children, advertising, commercial, promotional video, etc.

Everyday People - Jazzy Easygoing Smooth Hip Hop

Chilled, nostalgic, smooth, romantic, inspirational, reflective and mind blowing rap/urban/hip hop audio background! Perfect for sports, travel, gaming, photography, photo album, retro wedding, social justice and self improvement vlogs and videos!

Relax Beach Bossa Nova (Cafe) [PACK]

This is a bossa nova music. It is a positive, relaxing, bright, happy, peaceful, warm, and soft track. Perfect for beach, seaside, seashore, cafe terrace, sidewalk cafe music and more. The main instruments are flute and acoustic guitar.

Chinese Pop Warm Happiness [PACK]

It is a pop track using a Chinese musical instruments. But, melody is not Chinese style. Perfect for kind and happy scenes such as movie, drama, documentary, animation, game set in China.

Chinese -Dizi- Peaceful (Soundtrack) [PACK]

It is a oriental music using the Chinese flute 'Dizi' and acoustic guitar. Serene, peaceful, warm, soft, calm, gently and tranquil track. Perfect for movies, dramas, anime, documentary, etc. set in China.

Chinese Lively Pop [PACK]

It is a lively, happy, pleasant, and oriental pop music using a Chinese musical instruments. Perfect for documentary, movie, drama and animation set in China. The Chinese Instruments are Erhu, YangQin, Dizi, Suona and Gong.riental pop music using a Chinese musical instruments.

Chinese Enjoyable (Pipa solo) [PACK]

It is solo of Pipa (Chinese guitar) that is fun, bright, good spirits and enjoyable. Perfect for a drama set in China, a background music in exotic(Chinese) stores, etc.
Yann Keerim
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