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I am a sound engineer and sound designer, with a passion for music and sounds. I work freelance as a composer and producer of high quality library music for use in films, TV, drama, advertising, commercials, corporate videos and other media projects.

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Autumn Mist Piano

Calm and intriguing ambient piano music, with textures of synth elements, strings and percussive instruments. This piece of music will work best as underscore and background for documentaries, podcasts, film and drama with an emotional, melancholy and mysterious mood!

Positive Inspiring Time Lapse

Atmospheric and peaceful cinematic music with a dreamy feeling! Subtle melodies on a layer of piano, synths, ambient guitars and percussive elements. This track will be best for time-lapse videos, storytelling, adventure, nature footage, documentaries and podcasts!

Chill Lofi Hip Hop

Chill and laidback lofi hip hop track with an urban swing! Piano samples, vocal chops, smooth guitars and groovy beat, perfect for Vlogs, fashion, drone and landscape footage, cooking videos and more!


Calm and floating ambient music with subtle layers of synths, bass and percussive elements! Suspense and searching atmosphere. Best for documentaries, podcasts, education, drama, crime, investigation!

80s Retro Synth Pop

Retro 80s synth pop with big punchy drums, vintage synths and cool pulsating bass lines! Fun and energetic track with a nostalgic 80s vibe. Best for advertising, commercials, montages, action and sports videos!

A Moment Of Peace

Peaceful and mellow piano music, accompanied with ambient strings and electric guitars! Best for projects with a melancholy mood!

A New Day Begins

Bright, positive and subtle background music, with marimba, piano, woodwinds, strings and piano. Optimistic, adventures and bouncy kind of fairytale vibe, perfect as underscore for documentaries, podcasts, drama and other projects that need a gentle touch of background music!

Larger Than Life

Peaceful, bright and ambient music track with an optimistic and positive vibe. Electric guitars, layered synths and some ambient strings makes this track perfect as underscore for documentaries, drama and Podcasts!

Time to Investigate

Mysterious, subtle and repetitive ambient music with piano, kalimba, strings and woodwinds. Peaceful and calm atmosphere, great for documentaries, podcasts, TV drama, crime investigations/true crime and many more!

Hopeful Positive Dreamy Ambient

Peaceful, soft and relaxed ambient background music, featuring synths, violins, cello, double bass, woodwinds and Kalimba. Dreamy and positive vibes, good for TV drama, documentaries, Drone footage/videos, nature videos and more!

Documentary Tension Background

Repetitive and pulsating cinematic documentary music, with strings, ambient piano, and layers of percussive elements. This piece is perfect as underscore for documentary's, TV drama, thriller, crime, short films, history, espionage, conspiracy, government and other projects that need a suspenseful a...

Northern Lights

Beautiful, peaceful and inspiring piece of music, with synths and ambient electric guitar. This track can enhance any kind of video project that needs a positive and feelgood atmosphere! 2 variations available: - Main: 1:15 - Variation: 1:15

Hope And Glory

Emotional and sentimental piece of cinematic orchestral music, full of passion hopefulness! Instruments in use are piano, strings and woodwinds. The music starts calmly with piano only, and slowly builds up towards the end. Perfect for use as underscore in films, nature videos, drone/landscape foo...

Sweet Summer Breeze - (Happy Ukulele Summer)

A Joyful, catchy and happy tune with ukulele, celesta, piano, bass and drums. Feel good, positive and cheerful mood! Perfect for vlogs, commercials, TV intro, advertising, travel videos and more! 4 versions available: - Full version: 01:33 - Loop 1: 0:21 - Loop 2: 0:21 - Loop 3: 0:21

The Haunted Theatre

Dark and creepy background, layered drone synth with a repetitive soft melody. If you need something quiet and subtle to create some extra suspense in your project, maybe this is it! 2 variations: fade out and button ending

Documentary Thriller Tension

Tension background underscore. Best for video game, backgrounds of suspenseful sequences , crime shows, crime scene investigations, video games, or any project needing a tense soundtrack! 3 variations, one of them with a tinnitus sounding sinus which develops and implodes into a sudden end!
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