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Modern Romantic

Futuristic Background Ambient Royalty Free Music is a airy, beautiful and bright ambient track with gentle pads, synths, textures and atmospheres, light percussion and soft drums. The soft and unobtrusive with romantic mood and light melody.

Time And Space Floating Background

Ambient and beautiful floating electronic background music, made with modern synths and sounds. Bright, hopeful and searching atmosphere, perfect for documentaries, podcasts, time-lapse videos and any projects in the genre of traveling, space and nature!


Slow scary track. Perfect for trailers, videogames, youtube and mach more Massive synths, amazing industrial parts, nice ambient elements, punchy groove and high-quality sound

Cold Wind

A dreamy and inspiring cinematic ambient track. Cold Wind alternates moments of intimate dreamy texture and other more rhythmic parts, with both classical orchestral instruments and modern synth sounds. Its floating and intense characteristics make it a good choice for cinematic, short films, sci-fi...

Autumn Mist Piano

Calm and intriguing ambient piano music, with textures of synth elements, strings and percussive instruments. This piece of music will work best as underscore and background for documentaries, podcasts, film and drama with an emotional, melancholy and mysterious mood!

Shady Stinger

A glitchy hip hop track, with of drums, synth bass and cool electro synth textures that make it a useful music for your documentaries, news and technology projects.

Not Offended

An atmospheric and electronic cinematic track with a positive and contemplative tone. With vocal ambience, emotional strings, rhythmic textures and swelling brass.

What You Hear And See

A hopeful and atmospheric cinematic track with soft piano melody, electronic ambience, vocal backgrounds and synth textures.

a Psychedelic Moment #1

This is a unique, psychedelic background instrumental featuring numerous electronic flourishes. It elicits a feeling of mystery and intrigue. This clip could help in film projects, radio bits, cartoons, video games, YouTube videos, websites, commercials, tutorials, introductions, explainer videos, ...
Yann Keerim
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