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In Memoriam

A poignant, emotional, and atmospheric solo piano track with spacey, dreamy, cosmic vibes. Slow and powerful, suitable for emotional and dramatic programming

Heartbreak Lane

Dual solo guitars with a sad, depressing vibe. Slow tempo with a feeling of defeat and hopelessness. Great for TV/Film montages with this emotionally charged piece

Attic Imprints

Solemn, Inspirational and Somber Acoustic Country Folk Style Track with Acoustic Guitar and Strings. Great for reflective, dramatic content and vlogs


Sad emotional piano theme, draped in a soundscape consisting of various lush and airy elements. The track slowly progress towards a climactic resolution.

Wounded Heart

Instrumental classical cinematic music made for piano, cello, violin, contrabass and strings section, ideal for nostalgia and sad melancholic calm scenes in films, tv series and documentaries.

Not the Same Piano & Cello Ballad

This dramatic piece features a duet of a piano and cello on a stark empty stage. Evokes feelings of sadness, longing, and loss. Perfect for sad scenes, emotional situations, and final goodbyes.

Another World

Tension, dark and disturbing composition for your video, audio collections and other projects! Enjoyable listening!


Lyrical, sad and exciting progressive metal for your video, audio collections and other projects! Enjoyable listening!

Love And Pain

Exciting, tension and lyrical progressive metal for your video, audio collections and other projects! Enjoyable listening!

Legacy of Sadness

Highly emotional and sad violin melody set against a dynamic background of strings.

Just stay

Quiet melancholic track played on the piano. Perfect for your video memories, social advertising, for Valentine’s Day projects or just to listen.

Forever Alone Sad Background

Sad melancholic background track consisting of piano, strings and cinematic sounds. The repeating theme slowly develops as the piece moves forward to a conclusion. The tempo, instrumentation and production of the track allow other elements to come in such as narration. Therefore the track is perfect...

Little Life

Little Life is a cinematic romantic composition in which I tried to draw the notes of a person’s life. Here is happiness, here is tragedy, here is both positive and minor. This composition works well for small love stories, short films, cartoons and commercials.The archive includes two versions of...

Painful Sad Background

Truly sad emotional track consisting of piano, cello and violins painting a desperate cinematic background. Perfect to use in your film, documentary or other production seeking a profound sorrowful tone.

There's A Place I Will Miss

A relationship, bright and easy and loving, but then love goes away. The need to blame, especially another party who may have helped to end everything. That feeling of losing someone close and trying to hold it together, living through the grief and the feeling of death that pervades all.

My Sentimental Cinematic Background

Instrumental music made for piano and orchestra. The style is Classical Soundtrack music and the mood is calm and sentimental. The music starts with the piano playing the main notes of the composition, then gains emotional intensity with the entrance of orchestral instruments. This music is a perfec...
Yann Keerim
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