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Bursts of emotion (Dramatic hopeful music)

Emotional cinematic orchestral music with dramatic atmosphere and hopeful mood. Combined with nostalgic, dramatic, sad, social videos, animations, slideshows, YouTube content, etc.

Inspiration piano (upbeat background music)

Beautiful classical acoustic melody, combining piano and strings in a optimistic, inspiring content.

Dramatic piano (Sad optimistic background)

Dramatic piano paced story with different tools , ideal for video sequences with disturbing dark atmosphere.

Dramatic episode (cinematic emotional)

An exciting emotional musical composition with piano and strings for dramatic scenes or films.

Dramatic film disturbing background music

Provide dramatic tense music with dark piano, bright strings and heavy in the tense atmosphere. Can be used in a variety of dramatic videos or movies and other things, everywhere. Thank you for becoming my music.

Sentimental dramatic piano and strings

Beautiful dramatic emotional music with piano and strings, imbued with the sentimental notes and lyrical feelings.

Dramatic emotional film sad background

Calm dramatic cinematic background music with a sad-based and bright instruments.

Dramatic orchestral tunes background

Beautiful dramatic orchestral background for the story cinematic scenes with a tense atmosphere and enlightening finale.

Dramatic mellow piano and strings

Beautiful sad sentimental music with piano and strings, plunged into dramatic atmosphere and evoking emotions.

Dramatic cinematic sentimental film background

Soft sad cinematic music with different instruments, creating a dramatic atmosphere and vivid impressions.

Sadness and hope piano background music

Soft background piano with the strings, creating an atmosphere of hope in a deep mood of sadness.

Dramatic sad emotional piano

Dramatic emotional piano with strings, bringing a sad mood and the atmosphere of hope.

Dramatic documentary solo piano

Dramatic sad piano solo with a delicate atmosphere and mood of hope and faith.

Dramatic space music

Dramatic sad background music with space atmosphere and attitude of hope.

Cinematic dramatic orchestra music

Forcing dramatic orchestral music with a tense atmosphere and unsettling mood.

Dramatic hopes film score

The final cinematic orchestral music with a dramatic atmosphere and mood of hope.

Cinematic dramatic suspense music

Dramatic cinematic musical composition with a tense atmosphere and tragic mood.

Orchestral sentimental hope (cinematic emotional background)

Beautiful orchestral composition with piano, strings and brass, creating an atmosphere of hope and a mood of optimism.

Touch of hope (Dramatic emotional motivational piano)

Dramatic emotional song piano and strings, creating an atmosphere of hope, motivation, and mood swings.
Yann Keerim
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